Welcome to the Lab Specialists Chapter

Dear Lab Specialists,

Welcome to our chapter's section of the UFT website. Here you'll find our contract, the latest chapter news, information about upcoming events, and important resources and forms to help you do your job.

As your chapter leader, I am here to support your needs and the entire UFT is ready to help you. I will be available Wednesdays 3 to 6 p.m. either at UFT central or the Queens borough office. If you wish to see me please call for an appointment.

Manhattan office: 212-598-7757
Queens office: 718-275-4400

You can also email me with your questions or concerns at winhung@aol.com


Win C. Hung
Chapter Leader


Upcoming Chapter Meetings
Please contact your chapter leader to confirm these dates and receive more information. Meetings are held at UFT headquarters, 50 Broadway, unless otherwise indicated.:

Wednesday, April 10 at UFT headquarters at 52 Broadway, 19th floor

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Your Rights and Benefits
Your Rights and Benefits
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