Minimizing hazards in the lab

The following are recommendations to minimize physical hazards in the lab or prep room.

  • Do not string extension cords or telephone cords across the floors.
  • Sharp pointed instruments should have protective covers.
  • Use step stools and ladders to reach up instead of chairs.
  • Students should put books and school bags away from work area on the lab table and off the floors.
  • Aisles are kept clear of obstructions.
  • Emergency exits should always be accessible.
  • Minimize clutter.
  • Spills should be cleaned up immediately.
  • Broken glass should immediately be removed to a broken glass discard container.
  • Sensible shoes should be worn.
  • Store materials and supplies at heights that are comfortable and safe to reach, between shoulders and knees. Avoid storage on the floor not only a tripping hazard but many lifting injuries result from lifting from the floor.
  • Personal protective clothing should be available and worn.
  • Emergency shutoffs should always be accessible.
  • The modes of emergency communication should be functioning.
  • Emergency telephone numbers should be posted by the telephone.

Suggestions for preventing vandalism

Lab safety rules

Safe handling of alcohol in the laboratory

Fume hood safety

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