Welcome to the Occupational & Physical Therapists Chapter

Thomas AyrovainenThomas Ayrovainen

Welcome to the UFT's Occupational and Physical Therapists Chapter's website!

It is my privilege and honor to serve as your chapter leader and work with you in moving forward our chapter.

Our numbers are growing, and participation in our chapter is on the rise. We currently have the largest number of delegates in the history of our chapter, which reflects that growth. This is a critical time for unions at large, so it's important that we remain strong, united and focused. I look forward to working toward a fair and equitable contract, improving communication within our chapter and engaging the chapter's members.

Please make use of our chapter's section of the UFT website. In the box to the left on this page, you'll see links to our contract, a list of our chapter representatives, an archive of our chapter newsletters and other sections where we put important resources for occupational and physical therapists.

Here are some quick links that may also be helpful:

I am available to answer your questions by email at tayrovainen@uft.org.

I also want to ask you to be sure to sign up on the website to make sure you receive important emails during the school year.

Please "bookmark" this page in your browser and periodically review it as I will update it throughout the year.

Thank you.

Thomas Ayrovainen
OT/PT Chapter Leader

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Your Rights and Benefits
Your Rights and Benefits
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