School Secretaries Chapter Representatives

Chapter Leader Mona Gonzalez,

First Vice Chairperson Charlene Jones

Second Vice Chairperson Doreen Schafer

Corresponding Secretary Rosie Cortijo

Recording Secretary Patricia O'Reilly

Executive Committee members:

Doreen Berrios-CastilloMarie BrauerAlison Kearney; Paula Morrison; Mary Scafidi; Rita SegarraErica Stewart-Young.

Delegate Assembly delegates:

Doreen Berrios-Castillo, Marie Brauer, Rosemarie Cortijo, Adina Delgado, Elaine Delisi, Charlene Jones, Michelle Minetti, Paula Morrison, Patricia O’Reilly, Wanda Petty, Mary Scafidi, Doreen Schafer, Rita Segarra, Erica Stewart

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