Association of Teachers of Social Studies/UFT

Message from the President

Welcome to our webpage, and to the many activities we sponsor across the school year. We urge you to check our schedule of Executive Board meetings, workshops and conferences.  Please check back often for previews of upcoming attractions.

Best wishes for a challenging and stimulating school year.

Ollie Fields Thacker
President / Chairperson, ATSS / UFT

Our Mission

The mission of the Association of Teachers of Social Studies/UFT is to provide a network through which Social Studies educators and other related professionals can advocate for Social Studies education and share scholarship, information, strategies and practices related to those issues that are both important and relevant to Social Studies instruction.

In support of our ongoing mission, we envision the ATSS/UFT as a valuable resource for teachers

  • providing workshops, publications and conferences aimed at communicating information and strategies about those vital issues related to a clearer understanding of our city, state, nation and world;
  • maintaining a Web site organized by both topic and strategy, containing useful links to current resources and relevant cultural institutions;
  • using emerging technologies to maintain effective lines of communication among Social Studies educators and other related professionals;
  • enhancing the ability of Social Studies educators and other related professionals to provide learned instruction that addresses New York City, New York State and national standards;
  • at all times, supporting the rights of individuals to learn and grow as knowledgeable and effective members of our global community;
  • ensure that as a professional committee of the UFT, we serve the interests of members and other related Social Studies professionals as an effective vanguard organization that reflects the local concerns of New York City educators while maintaining our long standing affiliations with both the National Council of Social Studies (NCSS) and the New York State Council for the Social Studies (NYSCSS).
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All UFT members are eligible to join. Non-UFT personnel, including university employees and union members affiliated with the New York City Central Labor Council, AFL-CIO, NYSUT, or AFT, may serve as associate members.

Photo Gallery
Jacqueline Dagastino, a teacher at Urban Assembly Academy of Government and Law
Greater Metropolitan New York Social Studies Conference 2015

Echoes of Freedom was the theme of the 2015 Greater Metropolitan New York Social Studies conference held at Shanker Hall on Feb. 7. More than 220 educators gathered for the 55th annual daylong event that included a broad range of workshops, exhibits, speakers and award presentations, and was co-sponsored by the Association of Teachers of Social Studies/UFT.

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