Kinereth Louise Stubbs, Age 71

Kinereth Louise Stubbs taught at PS 192 in West Harlem for 34 years. Teaching was her passion. She truly enjoyed her days teaching children from kindergarten through 3rd grade.

Kinereth was an active part of the UFT during her in-service days and then as a member of the Bronx UFT retiree program. She received several awards in recognition of her community service.

Kinereth called the Bronx her home for nearly 40 years before she and her husband, Reuben, moved to Rincon, Georgia in 2009.

She had been baptized, raised and was an active parishioner in the Abyssinian Baptist Church.

She is survived by her husband, Reuben Stubbs; her daughter, Aja Stubbs; her mother, Bernice Fife; and her sister, Jacqueline Fife.

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