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Feeling Stressed? Anxious? Need someone to talk to?

We all experience challenges in our personal and professional lives from time to time. Your union is here to support you during these times of distress. While people often handle these on their own, some issues can be difficult to manage without a helping hand.

The Member Assistance Program (MAP) has trained professional counselors who guide you through the problems that can put your health and job in jeopardy. You can expect our services to be confidential, professional and supportive.

As a UFT member, you may receive short term individual counseling through MAP. This is a therapeutic process through which members work one-on-one with a trained licensed mental health professional — in a safe, caring, and confidential environment — to explore feelings, beliefs, or behaviors, and work through challenges toward desired change. MAP services are free and confidential.

Please call MAP at 212-701-9620 to set up an appointment. In case of an emergency, please call 911. If you need help after hours, please call 1-800-LIFENET, a 24-hour city mental health hotline.

MAP also offers referrals to outside mental health services that accept your insurance plan. Please email or call 212-701-9620 for more information.

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Continuing Education courses for social workers

UFT/MAP is a state provider of licensed clinical social work (LCSW) and licensed masters’ social work (LMSW) continued education credits. See our course offerings »

Support Groups

MAP offers various support groups in which all members can come together to share their experiences, stories, tips, and find comfort with each other. Support groups help us to see that you don’t have to struggle alone, and there are others who may be dealing with a similar situation. Our support groups run throughout the school year and are held in a confidential space.

Substance Use

Are you or someone close to you affected by substance use? MAP offers various types of assistance and referrals for members and their families.

New Educators

MAP supports new educators. Find out more about MAP's professional learning for new teachers and the Partners Through Experience program, which pairs a new educator with a veteran educator.

Q&A on the Member Assistance Program

What kinds of issues can MAP help me address?

  • Finding mental health services to fit your needs
  • Assessments and referrals to appropriate substance abuse programs
  • Helping with marital or family relationship problems
  • Arranging assistance for victims of domestic violence
  • Offering referrals to legal or credit counseling services
  • Trauma and bereavement support
  • Suggesting treatment referrals for eating disorders
  • Support during times of crisis

What services can I receive?

  • Short-term individual counseling provided by professionallly trained and licensed counselors in our offices for a variety of concerns members may have, from marital or family problems to stress or workplace issues or alcohol and drug addiction
  • Short-term support groups for bereavement and caregivers
  • Assistance with referrals to outside services 

What happens in a counseling session?

A counseling session is a confidential meeting between you and a MAP staff member to discuss your concern and figure out how best to resolve it.

Will there be any costs?

The Member Assistance Program is available free of charge to all UFT members. Your insurance plan may cover services for additional resources or referrals. For more information on mental health care benefits covered through your insurance, please call the UFT Welfare Fund at 212-539-0660.

How do I contact the Member Assistance Program?

Please call our office at 212-701-9620. Your call will be returned within one business day.

When and where are services provided?

MAP counselors are available for appointments Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Please note we cannot accommodate “walk-in” members without a scheduled appointment.

Please note: If you are experiencing an emergency, please call 911 or 1-800-LIFENET (a 24-hour confidential and free mental health crisis hotline).

Our offices are at 50 Broadway, suite 904, a separate location next to the UFT headquarters.

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