Our Chapters

The UFT represents many different kinds of employees besides teachers, both in the school system and beyond. Paraprofessionals, school counselors, secretaries and others participate in their local school-based chapters, but they are also part of union-wide “functional” chapters based on their titles. Our non-DOE members are also organized in functional chapters. Here you’ll find information specific to your job and your title under the heading for your functional chapter. It’s one more way to be involved in the union and a way to make sure the union is there for you.

UFT Committees
The UFT Professional Committees seek to actively engage members in professional growth through activities such as conferences, seminars, workshops, educational trips, newsletters and professional recognition.
UFT Borough Offices

Much of the life of the union takes places on the borough level. Borough offices are conveniently located and offer a variety of services and programs. Check out your borough office!

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