All Contracts — PDF Versions

Below are a list of contracts in printable formats.

A.  Department of Education: Oct. 13, 2007 through Oct. 31, 2009

  1. Attendance Teachers
  2. Bilingual Teachers in School and Community Relations
  3. Classroom Teachers et al (including adult education teachers, teachers assigned, teacher’s assistants, education analysts, education officers, substitute vocational assistants, etc.)
  4. Directors and Asst. Directors of Alcohol and Substance Abuse Programs
  5. Guidance Counselors
  6. Laboratory Specialists and Laboratory Technicians
  7. Paraprofessionals
  8. School Secretaries and Day-to-Day Substitute Secretaries
  9. School Psychologists & School Social Workers
  10. Nurses, Physical Therapists and Occupational Therapists and Supervisors of Nurses, Supervising Therapists
  11. Sign Language Interpreters
  12. School Medical Inspectors
  13. Day-to-Day Substitute Teachers

B. Charter Schools

  1. Free Standing Charter Schools
    1. Amber Charter School 
    2. Green Dot NY Charter School

C. City of New York

  1. Supervisors of School Security.

D. Non-Board of Education (Private) Schools, K-12

  1. Little Red School House
    1. Maintenance
    2. Staff
  2. The Block Institute
  3. Lamm Pre-school (L.I. College Hospital)

E. Post-Secondary Education

  1. Consortium for Worker Education
  2. Art Institute of New York City
  3. Lincoln Center Institute Teaching Artist

F. Health Care

  1. VNSNY, RNs
  2. VNSNY, Licensed Practical Nurses
  3. Lutheran Medical Center, RNs
  4. Jewish Home and Hospital Lifecare RNs
  5. Staten Island University Hospital South Site RNs

G. Other

  1. United Cerebral Palsy of NYC.  4 contracts
    1. Lawrence Avenue
    2. Residences
    3. Ave. S
    4. West 23rd St.
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