If a UFT member is arrested by the police in school for any reason, work-related or not, the member or his/her chapter leader should immediately contact the UFT district representative, who will contact the UFT’s central office for assistance. Members should give the UFT representative the name, phone number and precinct of the arresting officer along with any other details regarding the arrest. If a UFT member is arrested at school or for something work-related and notifies the UFT, the union will provide a criminal attorney to represent the member up to and through any arraignment. If you are arrested (regardless of whether it is work-related), you must immediately notify your principal and the Office of Personnel Investigations in writing (Chancellor’s Regulation C-105). If you are arrested for any actions arising out of the disciplining of a student, you should immediately seek legal representation from the city Corporation Counsel.

The Office of Personnel Investigations is part of the DOE's Division of Human Resources, which can be reached at 718.935.4000. It is located at 65 Court Street, Room 409, Brooklyn, New York 11201.

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