Lesson Plans

Since 1990, Article 8 of the teachers’ contract has affirmed that the organization, format, notation and other physical aspects of the lesson plans are within a teacher’s discretion. Nevertheless, many supervisors continued to require specific components be included in lesson plans which led the Union to file a Union Initiated grievance. In sustaining the grievance, the arbitrator ruled that “lesson plans are for the personal use of the teacher” and that supervisors may not “mandate specific elements of lesson plans.” Read the full arbitration ruling »

The Chancellor and UFT President Michael Mulgrew issued a joint letter to clarify lesson plan expectations. The letter makes it clear that planning is a professional responsibility.

Download the letter as a PDF from the Chancellor »

All teachers must have lesson plans for their use. As has always been the case a supervisor may ask to see your lesson plans at any time.  However, lesson plans cannot be collected in a mechanical and/or routinized manner.

Should you have any questions about lesson plan requirements, contact your chapter leader or UFT borough office.

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