Paid parental leave

Delivered paid parental leave graphic Thanks to a public campaign by thousands of union members, the UFT became the first public-sector union in the history of New York City to negotiate paid parental leave for the people it represents.

The UFT secured paid parental leave for UFT-represented employees in June 2018 after months of intense negotiations with the Department of Education. The policy provide six weeks of time off at full salary for maternity, paternity, adoption and foster care leave.

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Who is eligible to take paid parental leave?

You must be in a title represented by the UFT and meet the following criteria:

  • You must be either
    • A full-time employee or
    • An H-bank/non-pedagogical employee who works a regular schedule of 20 hours or more per week
  • You must have been an employee and on payroll for a minimum of 12 calendar months from your most recent date of hire.
  • You must have been in active status for the 12 calendar months immediately prior to the covered event.

F-status and per diem employees are not eligible for paid parental leave.

Employees who have taken one paid parental leave are eligible to take another paid parental leave after 10 calendar months of active status.

Employees who take paid parental leave must return to work or active status for a total of at least 12 calendar months or they will be required to pay back the benefit.

How do I apply for paid parental leave?

  1. Apply for your leave at least 15 days in advance of the anticipated date of the birth (or other covered event) using the Self-Service Online Leave Application System (SOLAS). You’ll be asked if you intend to use your CAR/sick day balance, if you plan take child care leave after the end of your paid parental leave and for your anticipated return date. This information will be provided to your school or work site. 
  2. After the actual date of the birth or covered event, you have 10 calendar days to notify the DOE via SOLAS. (There are exceptions to these deadlines for special circumstances, such as a medical condition, a premature birth, a death in the family or reasonable travel necessary to adopt a child.) The actual date will be used to determine the final start and end dates of your paid parental leave. During this time, you can also amend your application if you have changed your mind about using your CAR balance or taking a child care leave.
  3. Using SOLAS, submit the required documentation no more than 21 calendar days after the birth or event.

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See the DOE's information about special scenarios »

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