Teacher Evaluation


To read about changes to teacher evaluation for the 2014-15 school year under the new contract, see our Contract 2014 section.

2014-15 school year

Advance Educator Guide
This DOE guide explains the key features of the new teacher evaluation and development system, including what changes teachers can expect in the 2014-15 school year and where teachers can find support.

Measures of Student Learning Selection Guide
This guide, designed by the DOE and UFT, is designed to support schools in making thoughtful MOSL selections that are aligned to their student needs, instructional priorities and strategic assessment plan to drive improvements in student learning for the 2014-15 school year.

Measures of Teacher Practice Observation Option Selection Form
Use this form to choose between observation option 1 (one formal observation and a minimum of three informal observations) and option 2 (six informal observations).

Annual Professional Performance Review Evaluator Form
Evaluators will use this form during classroom observations for the 2014-15 school year.

Learn about the process for appealing a final rating of Ineffective
Appeals can be filed after a final rating is received in September. Learn what can be done to prepare in case you need to appeal a final rating of Ineffective. 

2013-14 school year

Read the UFT's end-of-year guide to the new evaluation system [PDF]
This guide to ending the 2013-14 school year under the current evaluation and development system includes a timeline of the last 90 days of school and information about artifacts, summative conferences, your professional records and how your end-of-year rating is determined.

See the DOE's end-of-year assessment calendar [PDF]
The DOE has issued this end-of-year calendar regarding NYC performance assessments and third-party assessments. All assessment results should be submitted by June 6.

Read the UFT's quick-start guide to getting started with the new system [PDF]
The guide includes lists of which job titles are covered by the new system; records you may want to start keeping; charts on the scoring components and the observation options in the new system; and a timeline for the school year.

Have an evaluation issue you need help resolving?

Use our complaint form (for teachers)
The UFT has created a new online Annual Professional Performance Review (APPR) complaint form for teachers to ask their principals for assistance in resolving an evaluation issue. You must file this form within five school days of knowledge of the act or occurrence that led to this request. You must be logged in to the UFT website to access this form.

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