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Final child care contract
ratification meeting Dec. 17.
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Featured News

UFT nurses, child care providers and retirees joined dozens of other union members and health care advocates for a celebration of the 50th anniversary of the founding of Medicare and Medicaid.

New York City’s child care providers have overwhelmingly ratified a $43 million agreement with the state Office of Children and Family Services that will feature valuable health benefits as well as grant money to enhance their skills and better equip their programs. “It’s an historic contract that will greatly improve the lives of our members and of the children we serve,” said UFT President Michael Mulgrew.

Around 25 UFT family child care providers gathered on March 26 for a professional development workshop hosted by WNET and the network’s famous Thomas the Tank Engine, the star of its classic animated children’s show “Thomas and Friends.”

Chapter election results

Congratulations to the newly-elected officers and executive board members of the UFT Child Care Providers Chapter! See the chapter’s new leadership body »

Why join the UFT?

  • “I love the union and am very pleased we have it. We needed a union desperately to fight for us. We could not have won the 2007 market rate without a union backing us…and God knows we need any extra money to buy supplies and everything that we need for our children.” ~ Maria Varona
  • “I joined the union to have a voice and get people to recognize that we are not babysitters. We are professionals and we love and enjoy what we are doing and demand respect.” ~ Jacqueline Brooks
  • “As parents and child care providers we need a union. We need someone to stand with us and to fight for us. The union can’t pay bills for us, but they can stand with us and show that we are one. That’s what the union is for me.” ~ Rinelle Knight
  • “You get empowerment from being in the union because you’re not alone. For a long time, providers were alone in our fight and did not know where to turn for help. Having a union behind us has given us power and it has given us respect.” ~ Linette Ebanks
  • “Before we joined the union, we were mistreated and misled. We did not know where to turn. We wouldn’t have a voice and we wouldn’t have trainings provided by the union. The UFT is really needed for people like us.” ~ Miriam Campbell
  • “We need a union. We couldn’t do it by ourselves so we need other people to help us to get stronger, build our business and fight for us.” ~ Kim Geddess

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