School visits

Mulgrew visit MC 143 16.jpgJonathan FickiesUFT President Michael Mulgrew dropped in during a “vertical team” meeting for several 4th- and 5th-grade teachers in PS 155, including (from left) Candy Breton, Ruth Santiago and Alicia Carrasquillo. The meeting, during common planning time, provides teachers a chance to look at student work and collaboratively address problems individual students are having.
Mulgrew visit MC 143 11.jpgJonathan FickiesMulgrew tours the Renaissance School of the Arts, a middle school, with Chapter Leader Karla Reyes.
Mulgrew visit MC 143 13.jpgJonathan FickiesRenaissance art teacher Tiffany DiOrio shows Mulgrew some work by a student with special needs. Every student in the school gets art programming every day, said Principal Brian Bradley.
Mulgrew visit MC 143 15.jpgJonathan FickiesDanielle Winsko, a dance teacher as well as a peer collaboration teacher, proudly shows off the dance studio at Renaissance that was created a few years ago.
Mulgrew visit MC 143 0198.jpgJonathan FickiesFirst-year teacher Sara Lafayette, who teaches 5th grade in an ICT class, discusses with Mulgrew the challenges and joys of her first year as an educator. She was on her way to a “vertical team” meeting, where teachers of two grades meet to brainstorm and problem-solve.
Mulgrew visit MC 143 0244.jpgJonathan FickiesNicole Veselovsky speaks to her students in a 12-1-1 1st- and 2nd-grade class. She told Mulgrew about the progress her students have made this year including one boy who started out barely capable of writing a sentence and now is writing two-page stories.
Mulgrew visit MC 143 18.jpgJonathan FickiesOccupational Therapist Stephanie Lopez works in a 12-1-1 classroom with 1st- and 2nd-graders.
Mulgrew visit MC 143 0227.jpgJonathan FickiesA bulletin board about weathering and erosion shows the work was done in Maria Guzmán’s 5th-grade science class.

UFT President Michael Mulgrew toured co-located PS 155 and the Renaissance School of the Arts in East Harlem on Jan. 19 and saw a good example of school communities working together. After talking to a number of teachers and seeing an impressive display of work, he congratulated the educators and principals at both schools for the work they’re doing.

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