School visits

Mulgrew-Visits-PS30-076-0249.jpgMiller Photography UFT President Michael Mulgrew (left) with paraprofessional Zena Ali and Chapter Leader Josh Houston during the late afternoon meeting on Oct. 24.
Mulgrew-Visits-PS30-076-0219.jpgMiller Photography Among those at the meeting are (from left) Jenna Flowers, Aya Aly, Naglaa Elbadawi and Alla Umansky.
Mulgrew-Visits-PS30-076-0204.jpgMiller Photography Educators listen to the presentation.
Mulgrew-Visits-PS30-076-0211.jpgMiller Photography Educators Stephanie Cioffi (left) and Shahna Ahmed show how they planned to vote on the constitutional convention.
Mulgrew-Visits-PS30-076-0216.jpgMiller Photography Aaron Rosenzweig asks a question.
Mulgrew-Visits-PS30-076-0229.jpgMiller Photography Mulgrew chats with educator Naglaa Elbadawi.
Mulgrew-Visits-PS30-076-0239.jpgMiller Photography Educator Sara Shin (left) discusses an issue with Chapter Leader Josh Houston (center) and Mulgrew.
Mulgrew-Visits-PS30-076-0235.jpgMiller Photography UFT District 20 Representative Ellen Driesen (left) speaks with Sara Shin.

UFT President Michael Mulgrew met with school staff at PS/IS 30 Mary White Ovington — a school in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, that is growing from an intermediate to a K–8 school — for a discussion that included the vote on a constitutional convention in New York and a question-and-answer session.

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