Special Education Complaint Form

We have created a new simplified Special Education Complaint form to track trends and facilitate problem solving around special education issues. Once we receive the complaint, a member of the union’s special education staff will review it. You will receive a call or an email to verify the information and obtain additional details. We will then work with you to determine the appropriate mechanism for resolving the issue. We will not share your name or any information on this form with administrative, supervisory or managerial personnel in the Department of Education without your approval.

The laws, regulations and policies pertaining to the education of students with disabilities apply regardless of the setting in which the student is served. This includes community schools, high schools, District 75 schools, new (and not so new) small schools, Career and Technical Education Schools (CTE), Empowerment Schools, Children First Network Schools, schools served by Learning Support Organizations or Partnership Support Organizations. This form is for everyone who works with or has a direct interest in the education of students with disabilities: general education teachers, special education teachers, assessment professionals, related service providers, paraprofessionals, parents and advocates. 

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