Certificate Programs

The UFT Course Program offers certificate programs from Brooklyn College, The College of Mount St. Vincent, New York Institute of Technology and St. Francis College. These programs will not lead to NYS initial certification.

Before choosing a program, we advise you to consult with our certification office at 212-420-1830 or with an educational liaison at your UFT borough office to make sure it meets your needs.




Brooklyn College’s School of Education is offering NYC teachers the opportunity to prepare for the New York State Gifted Education Extension Certificate. This four-course, 12-credit program prepares teachers for the Gifted Certification Extension after completion of the program and successful passing of the New York State examination. Teachers must hold permanent or professional certification and must take the Gifted and Talented Content Specialty Test (CST). Brooklyn College will nominate successful candidates who meet all requirements to the Department of Education for the Gifted and Talented Extension Certificate.

Courses MUST be taken in sequence as listed below:

  • CBSE 7668T    Students with Special Needs: Gifted Education
    (formerly ED 725.1T)
  • CBSE 7669T    Assessment of Diverse Gifted and Talented Students
    (formerly ED 725.2T)
  • CBSE 7670T    
Curriculum Modifications for Young Children with Special Needs
    (formerly ED 725.3T Curriculum Design for Diverse Gifted and Talented Students)
  • CBSE 7667T    Education of Diverse Gifted Children and Youth
    (formerly ED 725T)

For more information regarding the program, call Nancy Tinevra at Brooklyn College at 1-718-951-5448. For registration information only, call a UFT Course Program assistant at 1-212-475-3737.

NOTE: Brooklyn College tuition is subject to change.



The UFT in collaboration with Brooklyn College offers Certified Teachers the opportunity to apply to NYSED for additional Certification in teaching Students with Disabilities. This package consists of the four course criteria required by NYSED to apply for Certification in Teaching Students with Disabilities through: Pathway: Individual Evaluation for Additional Classroom Teaching Certificate. Teachers should consult the NYSED website for additional individual requirements and deadlines.

Courses in this certificate program

  • CBSE 7674T Students with Special Needs
    (formerly ED 750.1T)
  • CBSE 7676T Learning Environments for Students with Special Needs
    (formerly ED 750.3T)
  • CBSE 7677T Curriculum Modifications for Teaching Students with Special Needs
    (formerly ED 750.4T)
  • CBSE 7678T Education Assessment of Young Children and Students with Special Needs
    (formerly ED 750.5T)

For further information regarding this certificate program, call Nancy Tinevra at Brooklyn College at 718-951-5448. For registration information only, contact a UFT Course Program assistant at 212-475-3737.

NOTE: Brooklyn College tuition is subject to change.



The NYSUT/Education and Learning Trust, in collaboration with Mercy College offers a program to prepare students for a Bilingual Extension Advanced Certificate. Only those participants holding an initial teaching certification and a master’s degree are eligible for this program which may lead to professional certification depending on your credentials. Participants must also complete field experiences at the appropriate grade level of the certificate and achieve a passing score on the Bilingual Evaluation Assessment (BEA) exam to be eligible for certification.

If you have questions or need further advisement, please call Allison Gurdineer at (914) 674-7601. For more information about Mercy College admissions, please visit the college's website.

Required bilingual extension courses

  • EDUC 505 Teaching English as a Second Language*
  • EDUC 508 Theory and Practice in Bilingual Education
  • EDUC 509 Linguistics and Language Development
  • EDUC 602 Native Language Arts and Social Studies in Bilingual Education*
  • EDUC 604 Mathematics and Science in Bilingual Education*

*courses offered on campus only

A total of 50 hours of field experience in a bilingual setting is required in EDUC 602 (25 hours) and EDUC 604 (25 hours).



Students who possess a BA or BS degree and an appropriate teaching certificate may apply to the NYS Education Department for a Student with Disabilities extension certificate upon successful completion of the required course work and satisfaction of all other NYSED requirements. For further information, contact Mercy College or the NYSED.

Required core courses

  • EDUC 502    Foundations in Education for Students with Disabilities
  • EDUC 531    Methods and Materials in Teaching Students with Disabilities, Birth-Grade 6 (ONLY)
  • EDUC 532     Methods and Materials in Teaching Students with Disabilities, Grades 7-12 (ONLY)
  • EDUC 546    Educational Assessment for Students with Disabilities
  • EDUC 548    Principles and Strategies of Classroom Management for Students with Disabilities*

*available on campus only



The UFT Course Program, in collaboration with New York Institute of Technology, is offering a 12-credit Virtual Education Certificate. This Virtual Education Certificate program teaches you what you need to know about the best practices for online and blended learning. Certified teachers need new skills in virtual online instruction to facilitate a participatory learning environment for K-12 students. Virtual education fosters the development of 21st-century skills and meets the International Society for Technology in Education’s National Educational Standards that address creativity, communication, and interactive learning using technology. The program’s web-based, virtual learning environment gives teachers the knowledge and skills to teach, develop curriculum, and assess student learning in virtual and hybrid learning environments.

The Virtual Education Certificate program, which employs research-based practices for effective virtual online instruction, includes a seminar with student-centered research to test strategies for effective instruction and the opportunity to contribute to the body of knowledge regarding best practices in applications for virtual education.

Candidates for the Virtual Education Certificate must be New York State certified and have expertise in instructional technology.

Required courses in this certificate program:

  • EDIT 652     Core I Virtual Learning Applications
  • EDIT 654     Core II Virtual Learning Applications
  • EDPC 605     Curriculum Design and Development
  • EDPC 660     Computers in Education Seminar

More than a Piece of Paper—the Virtual Education Certificate offers you:

  • opportunities to learn to teach in K-12 virtual learning environments
  • use of advanced technologies to improve teaching and learning
  • new methods to providing students with a quality 21st-century education
  • individualized, contextualized participatory learning in virtual educational environments
  • research-based practices and applications for effective training with technology
  • approaches aligned with ISTE NETS-S and standards for online learning
  • variety of formats: online, hybrid, synchronous, and asynchronous

Admission requirements for this certificate program:

  • Baccalaureate degree
  • 3.0 GPA; if 2.85 may apply for Conditional Acceptance
  • If less than 2.85 must take GRE
  • NYS Initial/Professional/Permanent Certification
  • Basic competencies in instructional technology

For general information regarding the certificate program or master’s degree, call NYIT at 212-261-1529.


FOR EDUCATORS (18 credits)

The UFT Course Program, in collaboration with New York Institute of Technology, is offering an 18-credit certificate in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics for Educators (STEM). This program will provide extensive background information to prepare K-12 teachers in pedagogy for integrated inquiry-based teaching and learning of STEM concepts. The STEM content will be aligned with NYS standards differentiated for appropriate grade level to meet diverse K-12 student learning needs. The technology content will include use of tools for enhancing teaching and learning science, engineering and mathematics, including probeware, simulations, GPS applications, research tools and data collection instruments. Engineering concepts will be included in the STEM content and instructional resources to focus on designing authentic projects. Inquiry-based, project-based instruction will relate to the effects and issues requisite to developing knowledgeable citizens and consumers of STEM innovations, inventions, and applications. Assessments will determine the increase in STEM knowledge and skill for applying the concepts learned. The courses in the program are designed according to a scope and sequence beginning with elementary school and becoming increasingly complex as students proceed through the K-12 system in preparation for college and careers in STEM-related fields. This advanced certificate program will provide educators with the knowledge, skills and resources for effective STEM teaching and learning.

Required courses

  • EDIT 605 Instructional Applications of the Internet
  • EDMA 625 Mathematics, Science, Technology I
  • EDSC 626 Mathematics, Science, Technology II
  • ENGY 670 Energy Technology in Perspective
  • ENVT 601 Introduction to Environmental Technology


  • One 3-credit course

Admissions Requirements:

  • Bachelor’s or master’s degree
  • NYSED initial/provisional or permanent/professional teacher certification
  • 3.0 GPA

*STEM certificate credits can be applied to NYIT’s Master of Science in Instructional Technology (MSIT).

For general information regarding the certificate program or master’s degree, call NYIT at 212-261-1529.



The 15-credit Student Behavior Management Certificate may be applied toward a Master of Science in School Counseling (Guidance) for students who apply and are accepted.

Student Behavior Management Certificate offers

  • A 15-credit experience focused on student behavior and learning
  • Integrated fieldwork that links theory with practice
  • Opportunities to develop important technology skills

Required courses in this certificate program

  • EDCO 600 Introduction to School Counseling
  • EDCO 601 Human Development
  • EDCO 650 Social Justice, Diversity and Cultural Issues
  • EDCO 655 Contemporary Issues/Practices in Education and School Counseling
  • EDCO 725 School Violence and Student Behavior Management


Matriculation is required for both the Behavior Management Certificate and the master’s degree program, upon completion of 6 graduate credits.

For an application to the graduate program, call 646-273-6057.

For further information regarding both of these programs and NYIT’s informational sessions, call 516-686-7777 or 212-261-1529.



The UFT Course Program, in collaboration with New York Institute of Technology, is offering a 15-credit certificate in Teaching 21st Century Skills. This program is designed to prepare K-16 teachers to use technology in interdisciplinary teaching, employing authentic project-based curriculum and instruction. Taught by an instructional technology practitioner faculty, the courses are designed to address 21st century skills and are offered in a variety of formats: online, virtual, video conference, in-person symposia and professional conferences. Candidates must hold a BA or BS degree and a NYS teaching certificate to participate.

Highlights of the certificate

  • Only New York higher education institution providing Intel® curriculum graduate courses
  • Web 2.0 and 3.0 applied in Science, Mathematics, Engineering and Technology (STEM)
  • Collaboration and collegial knowledge exchange in Web-based and virtual-learning environments
  • Opportunity to become proficient in the use of Information Communication Technology (ICT)
  • Professional development for leadership in PreK-16 STEM interdisciplinary curriculum
  • Experience with curriculum development based on Understanding by Design
  • Innovative strategies for project-based learning and critical thinking

Recommended course sequence

  1. EDIT 701 Intel® Essentials: Contemporary Issues
  2. EDIT 702 Intel® Thinking and Communication
  3. EDMA 625 Mathematics, Science and Technology I (math focus)*
  4. EDSC 626 Mathematics, Science and Technology II (science focus)*
  5. EDIT 605 Instructional Applications of the Internet*

* Credits may be applied to the master’s degree in Instructional Technology (MSIT). See program details here.

For general information regarding the certificate program or master’s degree, call NYIT at 212-261-1529.



Career Development Facilitator (CDF) training, offered through the National Career Development Association (NCDA), leads to a certificate of completion from the NCDA and eligibility for national certification from the Center for Credentialing in Education (CCE), a corporate affiliate of the National Board of Certified Counselors (NBCC). The NYIT CDF training program is endorsed by the NCDA.

Through your GCDF Training with NYIT you will learn to:

  • Utilize the National Career Development Guidelines (NCDG) and the career development component of the ASCA National Standards, which are both frameworks for thinking about the knowledge and skills young people and adults need to manage their careers effectively; from making decisions about school to taking that first job and beyond.  
  • Apply career development theories and models through formal and informal assessments to help your students understand the relevance of what they are doing in school and to make better choices for their futures. 
  • Provide your students with easily accessible career development information, learning activities and strategies that lead to informed career decision-making and lifelong learning. 

Graduate courses for the GCDF certificate

  • EDCO 705     Career counseling and Lifestyles Development
  • EDCO 707    Advanced Career Counseling*
  • EDCO 709    Advanced Studies in Work Force Development*

EDCO 707 and EDCO 709 are two 3-credit graduate courses. Please call 1-212-261-1529 for certificate program date offerings.

NOTE: Candidates holding an MS in Counseling, or provisional/permanent school counselor certification, or who have successfully completed an equivalent introductory course in career counseling, are exempt from taking EDCO 705.

Tuition/CDF Certification

Tuition for EDCO 707 and EDCO 709 is $1,100 plus $50 UFT registration fee per course and $225 for the NCDA/CDF instructional materials, certification training, and the NCDA certificate of completion.  The total payment for each 3-credit course is $1,375.



Certified teachers who seek an additional certification in Students with Disabilities at the same developmental level can fulfill certification requirements by taking four courses through the NYSUT/Education & Learning Trust. Those pursuing this certificate must apply on their own to the NYS Education Department. They must also pass the Content Specialty Test for Students with Disabilities, the multi-subject Content Specialty Test in the specific developmental level needed, and attend the mandated training in meeting the needs of children with autism and in some cases the Dignity for All Students Act (DASA) workshop.

Required courses in the four NYSED competency areas

  • EDUC 503M   
Methods and Materials in Teaching Students with Disabilities
    Mercy College (Competency area: Managing the Environment)
  • EDUC 516*    Curricular Assessment and Behavior Management for Students with Disabilities

    Mercy College (Competency area: Assessment, Diagnosis and Evaluation)
  • ENY 729*    Inclusion: Education for All

    Adelphi University (Competency area: Foundations of Special Education)
  • SED 661    Cooperative Learning for Students with Disabilities

    The College of St. Rose (Competency area: Curriculum and Instruction)

* online

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