Career opportunities for current UFT members

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Per session opportunities

Teachers can learn about school-related activities that require teacher supervision and that take place beyond the regular school day. School-based per session opportunities must be prominently posted in the school, including the duties and responsibilities and the selection criteria. The DOE website lists central per session vacancies for the school year and provides information about how to apply for positions. The site provides per session guidelines.

Teacher leadership positions

The 2014 contract created an expanded career ladder for teachers, offering them opportunities and time to be instructional leaders and compensation for their time and commitment.

NEW: The application period for teacher leaders is currently open through April 1. Teacher leaders receive salary additions of $7,500 for the model teacher role and $12,500 for peer collaborative teacher (PCT), as well as yearlong professional learning including opportunities to collaborate and network with other teacher leaders in their community. See eligibility requirements and apply »

See more information on teacher leadership positions »

Teacher assigned vacancies

See all postings available for current DOE educators »

Peer Intervention Program

The Peer Intervention Program (Article 21.I of the Bargaining Agreement) provides peer assistance on a voluntary, confidential basis to participants who believe that their teaching competence will benefit from such assistance. Intervenors work individually on an ongoing basis with participating teachers for up to one year, in and out of the classroom, to improve teaching skills and effectiveness in the classroom.

The deadline to apply is May 3, 2019. See the posting »


Teachers who wish to transfer to another school for any reason may do so using the Open Market Transfer Plan. The open period for applying to transfer from your current school to a different one runs from April 15 to Aug. 7 each year. During which time, principals post anticipated as well as approved vacancies on the DOE’s Open Market Transfer Plan website.

For more information, go to Transfer Opportunities.

UFT members who wish to work in newly created schools have rights under Article 18D of the UFT-DOE contract, which governs the staffing of new or redesigned schools.

Read the UFT fact sheet on members’ rights under Article 18D »

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