Student Discipline

The Department of Education is strengthening the manifestation determination review (MDR) process as part of its recent settlement of the class-action lawsuit on behalf of students with disabilities who have been excluded from school without proper notice and due process. As part of the settlement of E.B. vs. New York City Department of Education, trained personnel from the DOE’s newly created MDR Support Unit will be visiting 1,350 schools over the next three years, starting in October 2015, to gather information about how schools are conducting MDRs and to provide recommendations to improve the quality of the MDR process.

MDR resources

Standard Operating Procedures Manual — Students With Disabilities Subject to Discipline: An Overview
This document addresses: (a) The circumstances under which an MDR must be conducted for a SWD; (b) how to schedule an MDR meeting; (c) procedural requirements; (d) steps that a school must take following an MDR; and (e) SOHO, the DOE’s system of record for suspensions and removals.

Manifestation Determination Review Flow Chart
See a chart of steps to follow following an incident and a timeline for conducting an MDR.

Steps for Scheduling MDR Meetings: Guidance for Schools
A checklist and timeline for school MDR coordinators.

Schoolwires: MDR Training Schedule
A complete schedule for MDR trainings provided by the DOE can be accessed on Schoolwires, the system the Division of Specialized Instruction and Student Support uses to publicize professional development offerings. 

Part 201: Procedural Safeguards for Students With Disabilities Subject to Discipline
State guidelines and provisions regarding students with disabilities subject to discipline.

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