Teacher Leadership

Generic teacher leadership

The 2014 contract created an expanded career ladder for teachers, offering them opportunities and time to be instructional leaders and compensation for their time and commitment. These roles support schools' ability to:

  • Provide teachers with meaningful ways to grow their careers. Teachers with effective teaching practices can move onto a clearly articulated career pathway for growth, which encourages our best teachers to stay in the classroom longer. 

  • Ensure that excellent instruction is prioritized across the city now and in the future. Teacher leader roles can augment the important work of developing teacher practice through peer support, collaboration, and leadership.

  • Create a culture of shared leadership that bolsters collaboration. Teacher leaders can expand their reach beyond the classroom by sharing best practices with colleagues and facilitating deeper collaboration within and across schools.

Master Teacher
Master Teachers are highly skilled educators with a passion and drive to improve the instructional quality of their schools by extending their impact as teachers. Master Teachers have a wealth of experience facilitating professional learning for colleagues and leading schoolwide initiatives. By working closely with school and/or district leadership, Master Teachers support the development of their peers by creating professional learning opportunities, leading teacher teams, and facilitating coaching conversations.
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Model Teacher
Model teachers create a welcoming environment for teachers to reflect, grow and continuously explore innovative instructional strategies. Model Teachers demonstrate great instructional expertise, a dedication to professional growth and a strong understanding of their community’s needs.
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Peer Collaborative Teacher
PCTs support their colleagues through focused coaching, intervisitations and designing meaningful opportunities for professional growth. In addition to the skills noted for Model Teachers, PCTs also have well-developed skills in data analysis as well as the ability to build consensus within teams.
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