Union resolutions

Resolution on the 57th anniversary of the UFT

WHEREAS, the UFT celebrates its 57th anniversary on March 16; and

WHEREAS, in 1960, members of the Teachers’ Guild, AFL-CIO, voted to merge with a group of high school teachers known as The Committee for Action Through Unity and to call the new organization the United Federation of Teachers, AFL-CIO; and

WHEREAS, on this 57th anniversary, we remember with respect and admiration our founders who were inspired to build a single organization of teachers in New York City and who worked diligently to achieve that goal; and

WHEREAS, the UFT brought dignity to teaching and education professions in New York City and has been a model for educators throughout the country who seek to be treated with respect; and

WHEREAS, the UFT has grown  in numbers, influence and professions it represents and is, today, a leading advocate for public education, children with special needs, early childhood education, workers’ and civil rights, nursing practices, occupational and environmental safety, judicial proceedings and mental health among many others, which benefit society and maintain a healthy democracy; therefore be it

RESOLVED, that we, the current members of the UFT, say to all those who came before us “thank you” for yesterday’s efforts which enable us today to proudly celebrate our 57th anniversary knowing that the UFT has made a remarkable contribution to public education, to unionism and to millions of people’s lives; and be it further

RESOLVED, that we pledge to continue the fight to preserve public education as well as protect workers’ rights and pursue social justice whether it be in schools, hospitals, early childhood education centers or wherever our members work; and be it further

RESOLVED, we will continue to help each other pursue our goals in our chosen professions and to help each other create a satisfying work environment, one in which we can help all those with whom we work achieve their dreams and goals as well.

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