Union resolutions

Resolution to celebrate the 58th anniversary of the UFT's first strike

WHEREAS, on Nov. 7, 1960, the fledgling UFT went on strike to secure the right to collectively bargain; and

WHEREAS, the strike was a success in that it resulted in the UFT gaining the right to collectively bargain, the first teachers union in the nation to gain such a right; therefore be it

RESOLVED, that on this 58th anniversary of our historic strike for collective bargaining, we recognize the leadership of our first president, Charlie Cogen, whose courageous leadership resulted in a historic victory for the UFT; and further be it

RESOLVED, we also pay tribute on this anniversary to the thousands of teachers who risked losing their jobs, since they were breaking the law by going out on strike, to achieve a fundamental right of workers in a free society, namely the right of collective bargaining; and further be it

RESOLVED, the UFT will never forget what happened on Nov. 7, 1960, and will commemorate it each year as one of UFT’s greatest achievements, a job action that ultimately resulted in substantial and significant improvements in public education as well as the personal and professional lives of our members.

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