Brooklyn Borough Office Representatives

Elizabeth Perez Elizabeth Perez Borough Representative
Mary Wade Mary Wade District 13
Iradies Munet Iradies Munet District 14
Patricia Atia Patricia Atia District 15
Camille Eaddy Camille Eaddy District 16
Rick King Rick King District 17
Joseph Surpris Joseph Surpris District 18
Vicki Buccellato Vicki Buccellato District 19
Ellen Driesen Ellen Driesen District 20
Kate O’Hagan Kate O’Hagan District 21
Alan Abrams Alan Abrams District 22
Ualin Smith Ualin Smith District 23
Veronica Wilensky-Sorkin Veronica Wilensky-Sorkin District 32 Representative
William Kalogeras William Kalogeras BASIS HS District
James Duncan James Duncan High Schools
Vanecia Wilson Vanecia Wilson Special Representative
Jason Goldberg Jason Goldberg Special Representative
Martha Lane Martha Lane Special Representative
Charles Hosang Charles Hosang Office Manager
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