Rx Drug Benefits

Prescription Drug Plan (in-service members only)

The following information has been mailed to all members and communicated in the New York Teacher

Effective February 1, 2012, all maintenance medications (90 day supply) will have to be ordered through the Express Scripts Home Delivery Service. Members who currently use their local pharmacy for “maintenance medication (90 day supply)” must contact their doctor for a new 90 day prescription which you should mail to Express Scripts.


Guide to Rx Drug Benefits

For prescription drug emergencies during hours when the Welfare Fund is closed, members should call Express Scripts (ESI) at: 1-800-723-9182.

  • Card Program
  • Obtain drugs at any participating pharmacy
  • 30-day supply 
  • Copayments: Tier I (Generic) $5.00
         Tier II (Preferred Brand) $15.00
         Tier III (Non-Preferred Brand) $35.00

After the original prescription and two (2) refills, members must use ESI Home Delivery Service for a 90-day supply.

  • ESI Home Delivery Service
    • Obtain maintenance drugs by mail
    • 90-day supply, in three (3) pre-packaged items of maintenance drugs
    • Copayments: Tier I (Generic) $10.00
           Tier II (Preferred Brand) $30.00
           Tier III (Non-Preferred Brand) $70.00
  • Cost Care Program
    For members who exceed $1,200.00 per year in prescription costs, this program allows members and their dependents to obtain medication in a cost-effective manner.
  • NYC PICA Drug Program
    Injectible and Chemotherapy drugs with a $100 annual deductible. For Information, call 800-467-2006.
Important information
ESI Member Services: 800-723-9182
ESI Home Delivery Service: 800-723-9182
Accredo: 800-501-7260 (specialty drugs)
Website address: www.express-scripts.com

Forms hotline: 212-539-0539

The UFT Welfare Fund Prescription Drug Plan is administered by:

Express Scripts Inc.
One Express Way
St. Louis, Missouri 63121

For more information on the prescription drug plan, please select one of the following:

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