President's perspective

President's perspective | March 5, 2015 >>

Our message is simple: The governor must fairly fund our city and state’s public schools. Everything else is a distraction.

President's perspective | February 5, 2015 >>

Governor, hundreds of teachers across the city and state have invited you to visit their classrooms to see how education works on the ground and what our kids need in order to succeed. You haven’t responded. Apparently you’re afraid of teachers.

President's perspective | January 8, 2015 >>

I hope that each and every one of you had a happy and restful holiday break, and I wish you all the best for the new year that is now beginning.

President's perspective | December 4, 2014 >>

Our goal is to continue to work with the mayor and chancellor to show the public — in New York and beyond — what a great school system looks like and the role that empowered teachers have in building it

President's perspective | November 6, 2014 >>

No one denies the importance of the Regents exams, but pen-and-paper exams are not the only way to measure our students’ learning, or for them to demonstrate to us their mastery of a body of knowledge.

President's perspective | October 2, 2014 >>

No one understands the needs of educators better than educators themselves. That’s why we fought so hard to give members a voice in their schools and in the design of their own professional learning, effectively reversing years of being shut out by the previous administration.

President's perspective | September 4, 2014 >>
President's perspective | June 26, 2014 >>

We expended a lot of energy — and relied heavily on your involvement — these last several years fighting against Mayor Bloomberg and his mistaken policies. Now we’ll be able to channel that energy into thinking creatively about how we can improve our school system.

President's perspective | June 5, 2014 >>

We now have a new contract — ratified and certified — that will allow us to transform education in New York City by placing parents and educators back in the driver’s seat in our city’s public schools.

President's perspective | May 15, 2014 >>

The new agreement will restore dignity and respect to our profession, improve our working conditions and secure the retroactive pay we are now owed while at the same time ensuring that our schools and students receive the supports that they need to succeed, UFT President Michael Mulgrew said.

President's perspective | April 17, 2014 >>

The system devised by the Bloomberg administration didn’t work. It didn’t work for students and it didn’t work for teachers, and now it’s gone.

President's perspective | March 27, 2014 >>
When I talk to parents, politicians or community members, I always tell them what teachers are experiencing in the schools.
President's perspective | March 6, 2014 >>

As we negotiate a new contract with the Department of Education, the question is not whether the city can afford to give raises, but whether it can afford not to. And the answer is simple — it can’t.

President's perspective | February 6, 2014 >>

We’ve got plenty to be angry about. Our challenge is to harness our anger and channel it in a productive direction as we fight for the changes we need.

President's perspective | January 16, 2014 >>

We have always believed in the importance of quality early childhood education for all our children, but achieving it has not been politically feasible in the past. With our new mayor making pre-K his signature education initiative, the stars are aligning to get it done.

President's perspective | December 19, 2013 >>

It will take years, but now is not the time to rest on our laurels. There are tremendous forces gathering to oppose us and our new mayor.

President's perspective | November 14, 2013 >>

Bloomberg-style “drill-and-kill” standardized test prep has sadly become the norm for our students, and attaching high stakes to the tests has all but forced real teaching and learning out of our classrooms.

President's perspective | October 17, 2013 >>

Our students and members should not be harmed by the botched implementation of the Common Core. That is what our call for a moratorium on high-stakes consequences is all about.

President's perspective | September 26, 2013 >>

It is in a way pretty simple: If we are going to be evaluated on our teaching, then we are entitled to get what we need to teach.

President's perspective | September 5, 2013 >>
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