Absences, Leaves & Sabbaticals

Under the UFT-DOE contract, teachers and other members have varying rights to absences, leaves and sabbaticals. In this section, you’ll find summaries of these rights as well as helpful links to more detailed information and related forms and guidelines.

  • Absences
    If you are a teacher or other pedagogue and are absent from school because of illness, you will be paid for up to 10 days in any school year without needing to submit a doctor’s note.
  • Leaves
    Any regularly appointed teacher or pedagogue may apply for a leave of absence. Leaves of absence with partial pay include military leaves and sabbatical leaves for study and for restoration of health.
  • Sabbaticals
    Sabbaticals are available to teachers to enhance their teaching skills, restore their health, or achieve state certification in a shortage area. Other pedagogues may be eligible for health sabbaticals.
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