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The mission of the UFT’s Safety & Health Department is to protect all UFT members — whether teachers, school-related professionals, family child care providers or others — from the occupational hazards that can confront them. We do this by providing information about potential hazards, advocating on behalf of members to address unsafe conditions, and collaborating with appropriate city and state agencies to enforce health and safety standards.

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School Safety

Learn about incident reporting, school safety plans, safety workshops and more.

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Environmental Health and Safety

Learn about environmental and health hazards, diseases, site inspections, on-site training and more.

UFT Health and Wellness

Health and Wellness

Learn about the health and wellness programs the UFT supports with our partners and about our partners in promoting the health of our students, colleagues and communities.

Other resources

PCBs in city schools

Environmental Health and Safety Forms

Injured on the job?

School Safety Forms

How to buy PVC-free school supplies

Hot weather precautions

School safety information manual


Incident report

Incident reporting

If you know of a safety incident, report it! The UFT has an online reporting system to make it easier for members to report threats to the safety and security of staff and students.

File a UFT incident report >>


Get support

Victim Support Program

Member Assistance Program

Other agencies that can help


Learn about your rights

UFT contract articles

Chancellor’s Regulations

Contact us

If you need assistance regarding an incident in your school, wish to report an environmental safety hazard, or feel you or a colleague has been placed in an unsafe situation at work, please call the health and safety representative in your borough office:

  • Bronx: 718-379-6200
  • Brooklyn: 718-852-4900
  • Manhattan: 212-598-6800
  • Queens: 718-275-4400
  • Staten Island: 718-605-1400
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