The amount of your paycheck depends on:

  • The salary schedule that the union and the city negotiate  in the contract
  • Years of approved prior teaching experience outside the New York City Department of Education and in some situations for related non-teaching experience
  • How long you have been teaching in the New York City Department of Education
  • Credits and degrees you earn beyond your bachelor’s degree

The UFT salary schedule allows you to earn more money — thousands of dollars more each year — as you spend more time on the job (in what are called steps) and as you earn more education credits (in what are called differentials).

  • A newly appointed teacher will automatically get pay increases based on steps with continuous service up to Step 8B (regular substitutes up to 4A).
  • A newly appointed teacher and a non-appointed regular substitute teacher must apply for pay increases based on differentials.
  • A newly appointed teacher must apply for salary step credit for prior outside teaching service and for teaching experience within the New York City Department of Education.
  • Before applying for a differential or salary step credit for prior teaching experience, speak to your chapter leader or to a salary expert at your UFT borough office.

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How to read the salary schedule

Listed vertically down the left-hand side of the schedule are salary steps. An employee will move one step for each semester of satisfactory service. Listed horizontally across the top of each salary schedule are the salary differentials. An employee is eligible to move horizontally across the schedule as s/he increases her/his level of learning.

Steps: If you teach without interruption, you can move through the steps at the rate of two steps per year (e.g. 1A and 1B) for each year you work, increasing your earnings up to Step 8B. You will automatically receive pay increases based on your anniversary/equated date of hire and on March 1.

Longevity Increases: After your fifth year and at intervals thereafter, you will receive “longevity” increments — also called “longevities.” These come after you have taught in New York City for five, 10, 13, 15, 18, 20 and 22 years. These are indicated along the vertical axis of the schedule.

Differentials: Salary differentials are granted for credits you earn beyond your bachelor’s degree including CLEP exams. These are shown along the horizontal axis. You may be entitled to more than one differential at a time. These combinations are shown in the top row of the salary schedule. Each differential can add thousands of dollars to your annual earnings — permanently — and cumulative differentials can make a big difference in your earning power.

Help from your UFT borough office

If you have further questions or if your claim for a salary differential or a salary step has been denied and you want to challenge the decision, please contact your UFT borough office on school days between 3:30 p.m. and 6 p.m. and ask to speak to a salary/payroll representative.

  • Bronx Office 718-379-6200
  • Brooklyn 718-852-4900
  • Manhattan 212-598-6800
  • Queens 718-275-4400
  • Staten Island 718-605-1400
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