Union resolutions

Resolution to support the employees of DNAinfo and Gothamist

WHEREAS, on Oct. 27, reporters and editors at DNA info and Gothamist in New York City overwhelmingly voted in favor of joining the Writers Guild East, a labor union; and

WHEREAS, according to the Writers Guild East, threats had been made to these workers during the organizing drive; and

WHEREAS, on Nov. 2, billionaire CEO Joe Ricketts immediately ceased operations of both publications under a claim of economic viability; and

WHEREAS, this source of local news relied upon by thousands who read their print and digital publications was immediately replaced by a letter explaining Ricketts’ decision to cease operations; and

WHEREAS, this decision resulted in the immediate termination of 115 staff people across the nation; and

WHEREAS, this is yet another unapologetic attack on unionized labor; and

WHEREAS, this serves as another bold attack on the freedom of the press; be it therefore

RESOLVED, the members of the United Federation of Teachers stand in solidarity with writers and editors of DNAinfo, Gothamist and all of the members of the Writers Guild East.

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