Medicaid in Education for SLP Speech Teachers

Here is a PowerPoint presentation that will answer most of your questions about the new Medicaid agreement with the Department of Education. In this presentation, you’ll find an overview of the School Supportive Health Services Program. This program allows school districts to access federal monies for medically necessary services provided to Medicaid-eligible students with disabilities as long as all Medicaid requirements are met.

Executive function resources

Supplemental materials from the chapter's workshop in May 2015 on executive function, which featured speaker Jill Fahy, an associate professor in the Department of Communication Disorders and Sciences at Eastern Illinois University.

Supplemental slides and abbreviated information: Assessment options and sample goals

Selected books and texts on executive function

Reading list on executive function

Reference list on assessment of executive functions in school-age children

Reference list on language and executive functions


Common Core Standards

Common Core Standards Case Scenarios

Common Core Standards Outlines of Concepts for K-12 ELA

Common Core Standards for Listening and Speaking (ELA)


Speech goals aligned to the Common Core

Grades K–2
Grades 3–4
Grades 5–6
Grades 6–8
Grades 8–9

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