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My teacher certification is expiring. What action should I take? How do I apply for an extension?

If your certification is expiring you need to do the following: a. You will need to apply for the appropriate certificate through your Teach account. b. You will need to complete an OT 37 Verification of Paid Experience Form and submit to your Human...

How do I apply for a Professional or Level 3 Teaching Certificate?

Apply through NYSED at: If you have problems logging in, email and type "forgot username/password" on the subject line.

What exams are required for a NYS teaching certificate: CST, edTPA, EAS?

The main exams required for state certification are the EAS (Educating All Students); CST (Content Specialty Test); and the EdTPA which is a performance-based exam that is subject-specific. If the person is applying for a bilingual or special...

Can you provide some examples of the certification requirements for general and special education teachers working in an Integrated Co-Teaching (ICT) environment?

Yes. These are some examples provided by the State Education Department:…. For more information, see the UFT's Q&A on the Issues column about ICT/Co-Teaching...

What happens to my seniority if I switch licenses?

If you switch licenses, you maintain all the seniority you have accrued. However, for excessing and layoff purposes, probationers are grouped separately from those who have completed probation. When you switch licenses, until you complete probation...

Is there a deadline for completing DASA training?

The deadline for completing DASA training depends on the expiration date of your certificate; you must complete your training before applying for a new certificate.

If I already hold state certification but am applying for a new certificate, do I need to complete DASA training?

Yes. If, for example, you are a professional certificate holder and want an additional certificate, you will need to complete DASA training for your additional certificate.

Who needs to complete DASA training?

School professionals (teachers, paraprofessionals, counselors, psychologists and social workers) who are applying for state certification after December 31, 2013 must take this six-hour course. This includes members who are applying for new...

What is DASA training?

The Dignity for All Students Act mandates that anyone applying for a New York State teaching license or certificate after December 31, 2013 complete six hours of training on harassment, bullying and discrimination in schools.

Who is required to be fingerprinted?

All applicants for certificates, licensees, or permits must undergo a fingerprint-supported criminal history background check. State law requires the State Education Department to conduct these background checks for all school personnel, including...