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Learning Curve

Meeting the needs of diverse learners

Given the city’s diverse student population, a pressing issue for educators has been how to differentiate instruction to reach all students using one of the new reading curriculum programs. 

Staying in step with your teaching partner

Integrated co-teaching (ICT) classes are taught by two teachers — a general education or content-area teacher and a special education teacher. A co-teaching relationship needs two willing partners who are communicative, collaborative and cooperative to be successful. 

Strategies to help new immigrant students

The influx of students from new-immigrant families these past few years has presented many challenges for New York City public school educators. Here are some proven strategies to support them.

The hard facts about soft skills

Skills such as communication, collaboration, problem-solving and emotional intelligence are crucial and in-demand and helping students acquire them is much needed, but where should teachers begin?

Shedding light on a crisis

According to a 2021 survey of city educators, just slightly more than half of us teach students about climate change, and those who do only address it for about two hours per year. A group of dedicated educators is trying to shift that paradigm. These educators advocate for policies to integrate climate education across the curriculum and produce teaching resources to speed their adoption.

Attaining National Board certification

Officially known as the second differential (C6 + PD), most members achieve the salary differential with the highest pay scale by taking 30 course credits beyond their bachelor’s and master’s degrees. But a lesser-known path to the top differential is to receive certification from the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards.