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Lab Specialist Forms

Chemical Inventory Form
An alternate version of the chemical inventory form. 

Chemical Inventory Form
Form and instructions from the DOE Science Safety Manual.

Chemical Removal Request Form
This form for Lab Specialists is taken from the DOE Science Safety Manual.

Disposition of Obsolete Equipment Form
If there is equipment in your school that is unrepairable, not cost-effective to repair, educationally inappropriate, or a safety hazard, complete this form to have the equipment removed.

Facility-Wide Inventory of Mercury and Mercury-Containing Devices
Especially for Lab Specialists. Use Page 1 to document the presence of mercury in a science room.

Hazardous Chemical Exposure Incident Report
Use this form to document a hazardous chemical exposure incident in your school. Parts I, II, and III of the form are included.

Laboratory Safety and Health Standard Compliance Checklist

Lab Inspection Request Form

Safety Equipment Survey