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Q & A on the issues

Student Debt Relief Program

Everything you need to know about the UFT's Student Debt Relief Program and the status of federal student-debt forgiveness.

Paid parental leave

The UFT in 2018 was the first municipal union in New York City to secure paid parental leave for its members. Parents of any gender may be eligible to take paid parental leave following the birth, adoption or foster care placement of a child under the age of 6. The following FAQ provides answers to the most commonly asked questions from members.

Open Market Transfer Plan

If you want a new opportunity, wish to work closer to home or have been placed in excess, the Open Market Transfer Plan gives you the chance to apply for a position at another school. You can view vacancies citywide and apply during the open market transfer period. This Q&A addresses the most commonly asked questions about the transfer process.

Certification changes

Since February 2022, the New York State Education Department has changed the requirements for a number of different state certifications. Read the following Q&A for the details. 

Contract bargaining

The following FAQ answers some commonly asked questions about contract negotiations and how they work.

Teacher Evaluation

The following Q&A answers some of the most frequently asked questions about the teacher evaluation system for the 2022-23 school year.