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Professional conciliation

What teacher, guidance counselor, social worker or school psychologist hasn’t had to confront a professional disagreement with a supervisor? Professional conciliation provides a mechanism — a professional space — for attaining a win-win solution that might otherwise remain out of reach.

Professional conciliation allows the voice of educators to be heard. The DOE-UFT collective-bargaining agreements outline the process that is available to teachers, guidance counselors, school social workers and school psychologists.

  • For teachers, professional conciliation can take place when there is a difference in professional judgment concerning curriculum mandates; textbook selection; program offerings and scheduling; student testing procedures & appraisal methodology; and pedagogical and instructional strategy, technique and methodology.
  • For guidance counselors, professional conciliation can be sought when there is a difference in professional judgment concerning the procedures for evaluating individual students; as well as counseling strategy, technique and methodology.
  • For school social workers and psychologists, professional conciliation can be sought when there is a professional difference concerning a policy or procedure related to locally devised student testing procedures and the appraisal methodology of a Committee on Special Education (CSE), a Clinical Service Unit (CSU), a Citywide Special Education (CSE) or a superintendent.

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Chapter leader manual on professional conciliation

This manual provides information for chapter leaders regarding the professional conciliation process for teachers, guidance counselors, school social workers and psychologists.

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Professional conciliation assistance request forms

Chapter leaders interested in pursuing the resolution of professional differences on behalf of their teachers, guidance counselors or school psychologists and social workers can seek assistance from the UFT through the professional conciliation process.

First you should contact your district representative to discuss your interest in utilizing professional conciliation.

The UFT’s Department of Contract Empowerment has developed an online Professional Conciliation Assistance Request Form for those chapter leaders who would like guidance with the professional conciliation process prior to formally submitting a request for conciliation.

A copy of the form will automatically be sent to your district representative and to Debra Poulos, the director of the union's Contract Empowerment Department.

Formal professional conciliation request

If you do not need assistance and are ready to file the Formal Request for Professional Conciliation Form, please complete the appropriate form for your particular title and collective bargaining agreement and email it to Debra Poulos at and cc: your UFT district representative.

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