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Helpful tips to avoid payment problems

Below are five tips to help you avoid payment problems when dealing with the Administration for Children’s Services (ACS):

  1. Make sure you have copy of the approval for the start date for each child in your care from agency in writing.
  2. Keep attendance with a daily sign-in sheet. Having your parent(s) sign-in daily helps you prove what days you provided care. (This tip is for informal providers. Licensed providers are already required to keep a sign-in sheet).
  3. Be able to show a fair hearing decision. If one of your parents goes through a fair hearing and “wins,” that does not mean that you will automatically be paid. The parent must ask the judge to order back-pay for child care — and unless the judge’s decision specifically says that you are owed back-pay you in fact may not be paid. Make sure to get a copy of the “Decision after Fair Hearing” that the Office of Temporary and Disability Assistance (OTDA) sends to the parent after a fair hearing, read it for yourself, and keep it in your records.
  4. Make copies of everything (i.e. W-9’s, timesheets, etc.). If you drop off paperwork in person, always get a receipt. If you mail documents, send them as certified mail — in the event of a dispute, this will help prove ACS/HRA received them.
  5. Keep track of the people with whom you talk. Keep a log of your phone calls and meetings with ACS/HRA. With whom did you speak (record names, departments, and phone numbers) and when did you speak to them? What information did they give you?

Please follow these tips. They will help you avoid payment problems and will make your life much easier in the event that a problem does arise. If you have a payment problem, please call the ACS Hotline at 212-835-7610. You can also call the Voucher Payment Unit at 212-363-5786 or visit the ACS office. If you still need help, you can call the union at 212-598-9288 for further assistance.