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Inviting guest speakers to chapter meetings

Union officers and staff are ready and able to visit many schools throughout the school year to speak at chapter meetings.

President’s office – Michael Mulgrew or one of his highly informed staff members can visit your school to discuss current topics.

Vice presidents – UFT vice presidents each have an area of expertise and responsibility in addition to overall union duties. These are: elementary schools, middle/junior high schools, academic high schools, career and technical education high schools, special education and educational issues. You can invite a vice president to visit your school and speak on a variety of subjects. Arrange a visit through the individual vice president’s office.

Other officers – Feel free to invite any officer to speak at meetings in your school. Arrange visits through the individual officer.

District representatives/special representatives – You should invite your district or special representative to speak at a chapter meeting during the year. She or he can also make her or himself available for informal visits to meet with small groups. Your district/special representative can also be invited to meet teachers individually to discuss current issues and problems. Arrange a visit through the UFT borough office.

Borough representatives – Your borough representative can also visit your school for general visits, or to respond to specific situations. Arrange a visit through your borough office.

Paraprofessionals – One of the leaders of the Paraprofessional Chapter will be happy to come to your school and speak about current union issues. Other members are always welcome to sit in on these meetings. Arrange a visit through the Paraprofessional Chapter.

Special education – A member of the Special Education Department can discuss with your faculty any phase of special education from the point of view of the special education teacher and/or the regular teacher. Arrange a visit through the UFT Special Education Department.

Certification speaker – The UFT Certification Services Department tracks all the changes in teacher certification requirements and trains a team of UFT consultants and educational liaisons. They, in turn, offer workshops in schools or UFT borough offices and respond to teachers’ questions in person, by telephone and via email.

Pension speaker – A union expert on pensions can come to explain how our pension system and the pension tiers work, and can also provide an overview of the union’s efforts to protect our pension in the legislative arena. Arrange a visit through your borough office.

UFT Welfare Fund Speakers Bureau – The Welfare Fund has a program that can bring a speaker to your school for a presentation that outlines the basic health programs and benefits available through the UFT Welfare Fund. To schedule a visit, write to the program coordinator at the UFT Welfare Fund.

Dial-A-Teacher – You can have someone from Dial-A-Teacher visit your school to discuss this exciting homework assistance program or help with parent outreach. Write to Dial-ATeacher. We also have parent liaisons in each UFT borough office to help with parent outreach.

COPE – Committee on Political Education – Have a COPE representative visit your school to explain where your COPE dollars are spent and why. Arrange a visit through your borough office.

Communications – You can have a representative from our External Communications Department explain how we educate the public on various issues through media relations
and advertising. Arrange a visit through the External Communications Department.

Political action, grievance information, personnel policies, parent participation, as well as any other topic, can be covered by one of our staff members at a meeting.

Reminder: Speakers should be invited to address chapter meetings, but not every meeting should be turned over to an invited speaker since the chapter needs time to consider its own problems and initiatives.