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Michael Mulgrew

Michael Mulgrew


Michael Mulgrew is the fifth president of the United Federation of Teachers, which represents nearly 200,000 New York City public schools educators and school-related professionals, as well as child care providers, nurses, adult education instructors, retired members and other titles and organizations. He has been president since July 2009.

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LeRoy Barr - Headshot

LeRoy Barr


LeRoy Barr is UFT secretary and also serves as staff director, overseeing the daily operation of the union’s extensive field organization and both the pedagogical and non-pedagogical staff at its central office. As staff director, LeRoy plays a pivotal role in ensuring that the union operates at the highest caliber.

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Mike Sill

Michael Sill

Assistant Secretary

Mike Sill is the UFT’s assistant secretary and also serves as the director of personnel, payroll and special projects.  Elected to office in 2019, he is serving his first term. Mike received his bachelor’s degree in English from Northeastern University and his master’s in teaching from Pace University.

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Debra Penny

Debra Penny


Debra Penny is the UFT Treasurer. She was elected to serve as a teacher-member of the Teachers’ Retirement System board in 2016 when she started working full time in the UFT’s Pension Department. Prior to that, Penny served as UFT borough representative for Staten Island, where she was a staunch advocate for educators and public education policies and a fierce defender of public pensions, drawing on her expertise as a UFT pension specialist for her borough.   

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Tom Brown

Tom Brown

Assistant Treasurer

Tom Brown is the assistant treasurer of the UFT and an elected trustee on the board of the Teachers’ Retirement System of the City of New York. As a trustee, he assumes the fiduciary duties with his fellow board members of overseeing the policies, funding and responsibilities of the retirement system to ensure that the benefits for contributors and beneficiaries remain strong.

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Portrait of Karen Alford

Karen Alford

VP for Elementary Schools

Karen Alford is vice president for elementary schools. Having distinguished herself with her strong union advocacy, Karen was selected as the UFT District 23 representative in 2005 and was elected to her current post three years later. Karen spearheads the union’s United Community Schools initiative.

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MaryJo Ginese

MaryJo Ginese

VP for Special Education

MaryJo Ginese is the UFT Vice President for Special Education. She brings decades of experience as an occupational therapist, then leader for the Supervisors of Nurses and Therapists Chapter, where she was known for helping empower students with self-advocacy for greater independence, and for fostering partnerships with parents to support the medical and educational needs of their students.

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Anne Goldman

Anne Goldman

VP for Non-DOE Members

Anne Goldman is the UFT's vice president for non-DOE members, a newly created officer position in the union. A registered professional nurse, Anne was an early leader in the movement to win collective-bargaining rights for nurses in New York City.

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Janella Hinds

Janella Hinds, UFT Vice President, Academic High Schools

VP for Academic High Schools

Janella Hinds is vice president for academic high schools. She also serves as secretary-treasurer of the New York City Central Labor Council. In her work at the UFT, Janella has championed equity for students and a more meaningful voice for educators.

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Richard Mantell
Richard Mantell

VP for Middle Schools

Richard Mantell is vice president for middle schools. From 2006 to 2013, Richard served as district representative for Brooklyn’s District 18. As a district rep, Rich proved masterful at mobilizing union members for political action. He also gave extraordinary support to chapter leaders.

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Sterling Roberson

Sterling Roberson

VP for Career and Technical Education High Schools

Sterling Roberson is vice president for Career and Technical Education. He has devoted thirty years of his public school career ensuring that New York City’s students receive a quality academic education with career-ready skills in a healthy and safe learning environment.

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Mary Vaccaro VP Education - headshot

Mary Vaccaro, UFT Vice President for Education

VP for Education

Mary Vaccaro is the UFT vice president for education. She was elected by the union’s Executive Board in September 2020. Mary, a graduate of Adelphi University, received her bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education and her master’s degree in Early Childhood and Elementary Education, with a certificate in whole language.

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