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RTC Section Spotlight

Breakdown by titles

Back in person in the Bronx

After providing online courses only during the COVID-19 pandemic, the UFT’s Si Beagle Learning Center in the Bronx welcomed retirees in the Bronx section back into the building this spring for a limited number of in-person classes.


Suffolk Zoom courses cast wider net

Ira Faber, coordinator of the Retired Teachers Chapter's Suffolk section on Long Island, has seen an uptick in attendance at Si Beagle courses since they became virtual during the pandemic.

Breakdown Retirement Years Chart

Ocala section meeting members’ needs

In the RTC's Ocala section in Florida, members new to retirement connect with those in their 70s and 80s, who are the majority in the section and have been enjoying life after school for many years.

NJ Section Age Breakdown

Growing the Garden State

Building an RTC section can take time, but there are ways to make sure the building blocks are in place. Judy Rosenstein, coordinator of the New Jersey section, says the Si Beagle courses are an important part of the process. 

C. Richardsoon, Eurika Oliver

Brooklyn retirees staying busy

Retirees in the RTC's Brooklyn section have made the best of the pandemic situation, with a record turnout of 1,030 retirees attending virtual Si Beagle classes.

Former Queens teacher Rosalie Cooper

Team approach works well in Queens

During the pandemic, retirees in Queens are keeping busy and staying connected with each other by taking the UFT’s Si Beagle courses remotely on Zoom.

9 members raise their fists in front of a bus during their efforts to get out the vote

Political action just peachy in Georgia

All eyes were on Georgia in early January for the run-off elections that would determine whether the Democrats gained a majority in the U.S. Senate. Volunteers from among the 480 UFT retirees living in Georgia took part in the battle and helped win it.


Elections fuel Florida members

Despite heroic efforts to get out the vote in Florida, UFT retiree volunteers were unable to swing the state to Joe Biden. UFT retiree coordinators and activists on both coasts were disappointed, especially since polls indicated a strong possibility of turning the state blue. 

Dine Arounds

Zooming in on courses in Westchester

As part of a 12-class Si Beagle schedule put together for Westchester Section retirees, members are creating historic records of the pandemic of 2020 in the COVID Metamorphosis Class, writing memoirs of life as we are living it today.

New Jersey Section Coordinator Judy Rosenstein

New Jersey members focused on November election

Retiree volunteers in New Jersey are ready to launch a telephone campaign to get out the vote for presidential candidate Joe Biden and all the other Democratic candidates on the state ballot in the crucial upcoming election, reports Judy Rosenstein, the coordinator of the Garden State’s RTC section.