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You Should Know - School Counselors

School counseling regulations: Prior to the implementation of new school counseling regulations, school counselors used the Guidance Review Card to show the progress of students through grades 7-12. We are now required to complete Individual Progress Reviews (IPR) for each of our students as per the new regulations from grades 6-12 in STARS Classroom.

You may use the Guidance Review Card as a model when you meet with your students. Our meetings with students cover a wide range of topics; however, to help begin our conversations when we meet with them, you may use the card as a guide in individual and/or group sessions and during classroom presentations. Using the card is solely up to you. It is not meant to duplicate your work. Whether you use the card or not, all of your student's progress must be completed using the IPR in STARS.

Use your personal email for all union business: DO NOT use your DOE email address to conduct union business. To do so is a violation of the DOE's internet policy. All email correspondence about grievances and other union activities should be conducted using a non-DOE personal email address.

Teachers' tenure framework is not for functional chapter members: Functional chapter members, including school counselors, should be aware that principals may not use the teacher tenure framework as a rubric to assess functional chapter members' performance or make tenure decisions. The tenure framework only applies to tenure decisions for classroom teachers. If you have questions, please contact Rosemarie Thompson at

SESIS — Check here for information on SESIS arbitration. School counselors should confer with their supervisors to discuss adjustments to their schedules, if needed, to incorporate sufficient time in the work day to perform SESIS-related work.

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