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We can change the world

The effect we have on the students in front of us is often unknown. We can make a difference and consequently change the world. The novice and the veteran teacher need to hear this. Although our role in the culture is often belittled, our influence in the classroom should never be underestimated.

In Lianne Erosa’s 1st-grade class at PS 72, students work to design a bridge tha

UFT wrong on gifted and talented

The union has already criticized the validity of a single test for admission to gifted-and-talented programs and specialized high schools. I ask that our union take bold anti-racist leadership in favor of equitable enrichment programs for all students and for school integration.

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DOE email issue for new retiree

I would like to inform those who are considering retirement to prepare for this possibility. The loss of my DOE email address was not mentioned during retirement consultations, and I did not find this information elsewhere. I learned from experience.

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More librarians

My compliments to Christina Gavin, the Herbert H. Lehman HS Campus librarian featured in the Sept. 5 “What I Do” column.

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Discipline before restoration

In 2018, 10 percent of public-school teachers were threatened with injury by a student and 6 percent nationwide were physically attacked by a student. 

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Misguided integration effort

There is something commendable about the mayor and the school chancellor’s efforts to integrate New York City schools. However, their emphasis on the end goal of integration as opposed to the means of achieving such an end result is misguided.

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Colleague left a legacy

Roy Ehrlick, a former colleague at IS 143 in Manhattan who passed away earlier this fall, was the most selfless person I have ever known. He was a teacher 24 hours a day and available to students 365 days a year.


Gun laws

The terrible shooting at an El Paso, Texas, shopping mall is yet another reminder that there are far too many people in this country who are mentally imbalanced and should never own a weapon.

Donald Trump

The right to dissent

President Trump tells people to go back where they came from for being critical of the U.S — this coming from a man who has been very critical of American policies and Americans both before and after coming into office. (The words “American carnage” come to mind.)

Ban toxic pesticide

Fight to ban pesticides

In 2014, while my kindergarten students at PS 290 in Manhattan were doing research about tomatoes and other foods in our cafeteria, they learned about pesticides. They did role-plays where farmworkers or gardeners were coughing and rubbing the rashes caused by the (pretend) pesticides sprayed on the tomatoes.