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Lessons learned

Teachers and students anticipate a return to normal as the pandemic recedes and in-class education resumes. As devastating and disruptive as the pandemic was, we should not overlook the valuable lessons inherent in the disruption. Jobs, homes, health, education and relationships were all in doubt.

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The next Hizzoner

Republican mayoral nominee Curtis Sliwa is a man who not only speaks his mind, but also takes the necessary action to correct the problem. He definitely is the right man to be our next mayor because if this city has eight more years of Democratic mayors, it certainly will be in more of a disastrous mess than it already is in.

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Member ‘grateful’ for UFT legal plan

The UFT legal plan was so helpful. I’m grateful for this service.

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Class size isn’t the only challenge

I suspect these 72 schools in the class-size pilot program are some of the lowest performing with some of the biggest obstacles. One obstacle may or may not be class size. The city Department of Education will pilot this program, most of the 72 schools will NOT show a major improvement (because class size is NOT their biggest challenge) and then the DOE will turn and say “See, we tried, but class size doesn’t really matter.” And then they will ignore our overcrowded classes for the next 20 years.

No politics

No politics in class

Keep political opinions out of the schools.

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The lifeblood of democracy

Perhaps a course in propaganda should be a new requirement.


We must vote our interests

Many don’t realize it, but the most important story in the April 22 edition was headlined “Chicago teachers’ broad bargaining rights restored.”

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Back to school

Parents should have a choice between remote and in-person learning.

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Beat the Mets

I urge all to boycott the Mets — this despite my having been a fan of the team for nearly 60 years. The new owner, Steve Cohen, has slapped all the fans — and particularly teachers — in the face by bringing Chris Christie onto the Mets’ board of directors.

Doesn't like 'pork'

"At a retiree chapter meeting, I heard support for the $2.75 billion “pork” that was allotted to the private schools by U.S. Senate Majority Leader Charles Schumer. This addition to the stimulus bill is wrong for the following reasons."