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Class reunion

I teach visual arts and received a grant for $1,000 for art supplies for my students. I made packages for each of my students and took a drive through Cambria Heights and Queens Village to drop off supplies at each student's home

Race matters

Educators in all levels and disciplines must take the lead in bringing about a long overdue public transformation on the issue of race.

Most important lesson

I have concern that this pandemic has robbed pre-K students of the crucial lesson that prepares them for a productive future: how to get along with others. That skill cannot be taught remotely.

Funding our schools

Betsy DeVos, the federal secretary of education, just gave parents and educators another reason why Donald Trump should be put out of office in November. 

Thanks to the medical professionals

In the same way we thanked our police, firefighters and EMS workers after 9/11, we are going to have to thank our doctors, nurses and medical personnel who are on the front line of this virus worldwide.

History lesson

Over the years I have seen, at teachers’ demonstrations, a sign saying, “You can’t have a Cadillac school system at Volkswagen prices.” I thought you might like to know where that saying came from.

Getting help for veterans

Retiree Michael Rothfeld produced five documentaries recounting the stories of veterans who served in World War II and the Korean, Vietnam and other wars.

Virtual learning observations

The coronavirus has made online learning a health necessity, but I’m sure that many see this as the future of education. Teachers are not expendable at this time.

Closing schools made sense

Remote learning is starting to really take hold now and I know we can do a lot of amazing things with the children.

Career goals change students’ motivation

There’s a certain seriousness and maturity in the manner in which such students approach their work that was often missing in traditional academia. When students see employment and financial possibilities as their goal, they are innately motivated.