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Paras: a key part of the team

In my career, I have shared my classroom with the most wonderful assistants imaginable.

Guns and schools

Why are kids bringing guns to school? According to Schools Chancellor David C. Banks, kids are bringing guns to school because they are afraid and want to protect themselves. 

Buried under paperwork

We work all day and night. The paperwork and administrative duties are out of control — all while we are trying to teach and control 32 8-year-olds in one class. It’s sad the kids suffer from that.

The trouble with charter schools

I attended my first UFT Lobby Day on March 13, and it was quite the experience. Our District 75 group, alongside members from District 79, met with a politician’s aide. We let him know our thoughts regarding charter schools, among other topics. I genuinely believe he took our concerns to heart.