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Ukrainian Flag with a peace dove

Solidarity with Ukraine

Let’s have a day of solidarity, where all educators wear yellow and blue to show support for all Ukrainian educators here in New York City.

Books with the word banned over them and a gun on top

Books and guns

“Not a single kid has died in a mass reading, yet they’re banning books instead of guns.”

Career Ladder - Generic

Para career ladder

As a paraprofessional interested in an education career, the UFT’s Career Training Program helped me obtain a DOE voucher to earn my bachelor’s in early childhood education and psychology

Library reading to students

Library named for teacher

Naming the library after a teacher is a beautiful tribute to a truly wonderful lady.

First-grader using index cards to create words.

Phonics sound-off

It’s good to read that teachers are once again allowed to teach phonics, so their young students have tools to build decoding and spelling skills.

Old fashion style suitcase covered in travel stickers and a 70's van

Spring break opinions

Is vacation days for lost vacation days fair?

UFT hospital nurses on front lines

Honor is due

For the last 22 months, the medical personnel and first responders of our city have answered the call to help people in need. 

Banned books

The news that some schools are banning the novels of Toni Morrison is cause for alarm. The notion of protecting impressionable students from the uncertainties of the world and the potential for dark human impulses must be dispelled.

Woman carrying boxes while other people load them

Food waste and pollution

Every day, hundreds of thousands of plastic-wrapped breakfasts are given out to New York City schoolchildren, many of whom eat breakfast at home. Teachers say, “You don’t have to eat it but take it anyway.” At the end of breakfast time, teachers tie a large garbage bag to their classroom door handle, and many students throw out uneaten breakfasts.

Healthcare expense - generic

NYC Medicare Advantage Plus

Thank you to Tom Murphy for the very necessary, very illuminating “From the Chapter Leader” column in the Oct. 28 issue about the new NYC Medicare Advantage Plus plan