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UFT vaccine program

The union’s scheduling my vaccine appointments allowed me to get my vaccines when the city scheduling did not. 

Missed retro

I made the huge mistake of leaving to teach in the suburbs.

Trader Joe’s

I made the huge mistake of leaving to teach in the suburbs.

Fossil fuels

Why is the Teachers’ Retirement System divesting from fossil fuel companies?

Remote can be out of control

This whole online and hybrid system is a mess! IPads are terrible for remote learning. Perhaps whoever made this decision should have tried to access the platforms the students are expected to use.


An educated public is the ultimate check on government abuse and, as such, teachers have become essential workers in our very fragile democracy. Our schools must emphasize critical thinking skills where evidence is used to support assertions. 

The value of CTE

College is not for everyone and CTE high schools can teach valuable skills to students who will not go to college or can’t afford college.

Second Act is first-rate

An insight into our lives after retirement is uplifting and a source of appreciation for the peace of mind made possible by the stability of a pension system and a strong union. 

Lump summary

The arbitrator’s decision on the lump sum is not ideal, but nothing is ideal in the era of COVID-19. Let’s face the fact that New York City is broke! We are lucky to even get 50% at this time — thanks to smart union leadership for ensuring that arbitration was included in the negotiations when the deal was made years ago.

Teachers can restore compassion 

My callous indifference to the news that the president of the United States had contracted the coronavirus brought some clarity to the real nature of the pandemic that has afflicted the nation.

What happened to my innate compassion toward those less fortunate or ill? My compassion had been replaced with contempt, and it did not feel right!