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Trump’s place on the ballot and the Constitution

With the recent decision by the secretary of state of Maine to bar former President Donald Trump from the ballot based upon the contention that his words and actions violated the U.S. Constitution’s 14th Amendment, the Constitution is being tested in ways unprecedented since the Civil War. This decision follows a Colorado Supreme Court decision barring Trump from that state’s ballot.

Sensory rooms are necessary

Every school ought to possess one of these. Even football stadiums are adopting them now, and they’re prevalent in airports in other countries. Their significance for students cannot be overstated.

The need to ‘Fix Tier 6’

Tier 6 members also have to pay into the pension for their entire career whereas we contributed for only 10 years. Work needs to be done to fix this.

Proceed with caution on phonics-based instruction

Gov. Hochul's push for phonics-based reading sparks debate. Critics urge a balanced approach, emphasizing comprehension and meaningful texts to cultivate a love for reading.

Climate change overblown

It’s interesting that we, in the United States, are always being asked to change our lifestyle to remedy so-called “climate change.” China and India are where the advocates should be looking for reform. They are far worse polluters than the United States. Meanwhile, the people speaking the loudest about the issue are usually the same people who travel by jet or yacht around the world.

Biden’s Medicare drug initiative is not revolutionary

In response to Retired Teachers Chapter Leader Tom Murphy’s column about the Inflation Reduction Act giving Medicare the authority to bargain on prescription drug prices [Nov. 2]: This legislation encourages a continuation of financing Big Pharma and society-numbing reliance on prescription drugs.