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MSK Direct Program

When you are faced with cancer, reliable information and comprehensive care coordination are crucial. The UFT Welfare Fund’s partnership with Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center offers members and their eligible dependents guided access to expert cancer care specialists and services. 

How Can MSK Direct Help?

MSK Direct is here to help across prevention, diagnosis, and treatment – from anywhere. With MSK Direct, you have access to:

  • Coordinated appointments with MSK doctors. A dedicated care advisor will gather all your medical records and schedule a timely, coordinated appointment with an MSK doctor who specializes in the type of cancer you have.
  • Navigational support from an oncology-certified nurse to answer questions throughout your cancer journey. Whether you choose to receive your care at MSK or somewhere closer to home, MSK's dedicated team of oncology-certified nurses will support you throughout your cancer journey.
  • Help choosing the right hospital for you, wherever you live. Using their national care center network, MSK can help you find the best cancer hospitals that are close to home and accepted by your insurance.
  • Expert opinions from MSK doctors without leaving home. MSK doctors will provide you and your local doctor with an accurate diagnosis and a comprehensive, written treatment plan to guide your cancer care so you can benefit from MSK’s world-class expertise from home.
  • Cancer screening and risk assessments. MSK provides you with personalized screening recommendations and advice on how to reduce your risk for cancer through digital assessment and educational resources. Access the MSK Direct Cancer Screening Tool, a short, no-cost assessment to receive immediate and personal recommendations from Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. 

Contact MSK

For more information or to schedule an appointment,
call MSK directly at 844-350-5034.

Hours: Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.
Messages left outside of these hours will be returned the next business day.

Call MSK

MSK Direct FAQ

What is MSK Direct?

MSK Direct is a program that offers guided access to expert cancer care from a team of dedicated cancer specialists at MSK. The team includes experienced nurses, social workers and MSK Care Advisors who will be there to guide you through a range of services across the cancer spectrum – from prevention and screenings to treatment and survivorship.

Why Memorial Sloan Kettering (MSK)?

When you’re faced with cancer, it’s crucial that you receive reliable information and comprehensive care coordination. The experts at MSK are there to help ensure that you and those you love, understand the cancer treatment process, and provide practical support during your treatment. MSK is the world’s oldest and largest private cancer center, devoting more than 135 years to patient care and research. It is consistently ranked among the top hospitals for adult and pediatric cancer care in the United States. MSK doctors are highly specialized in using the most-advanced approaches for diagnosing and treating common and rare cancers in both adults and children. MSK doctors have one focus: providing compassionate cancer care to help each patient have the best possible outcome. As a world-leading cancer center, MSK uses the most-advanced surgical, medical, and radiological treatments available. MSK doctors have pioneered many advances in cancer diagnosis and treatment. 

Where is Memorial Sloan Kettering located?

In addition to the main hospital in Manhattan, MSK has outpatient facilities located in New York (Manhattan, Brooklyn, Long Island and Westchester) and New Jersey.

Who is eligible to use MSK Direct?

All UFT members, retirees, and their family members have access to MSK Direct at no additional cost beyond standard copays and deductibles (subject to health insurance coverage for care at MSK).

When should I contact MSK Direct?

You should contact MSK Direct if you: 

  • Are diagnosed with cancer and would like to explore options for treatment at MSK
  • Receive results from a medical test or exam that indicate a suspicion of cancer and would like to explore options for treatment at MSK
  • Would like a second opinion from MSK on a cancer diagnosis or care plan received from another facility
  • Are in cancer treatment elsewhere and would like to consult with an MSK specialist about possible options

Do I have to pay extra to use MSK Direct?

No. All UFT members, retirees and their family members have access to MSK Direct at no additional cost, but care provided by MSK will be subject to the standard co-pay and deductibles of each individual’s insurance plan.

MSK is an in-network provider for all non-Medicare city health plans except Metroplus Gold. For Medicare eligible members or retirees, MSK is an in-network provider for original Medicare with the GHI/BC SeniorCare Medicare Supplement. Out-of-pocket costs for treatment received at MSK will vary depending on your plan.

Can I access MSK Direct even if I don't have a confirmed cancer diagnosis?

Yes. MSK Direct can help before a confirmed diagnosis of cancer is received. You may contact MSK Direct when you receive results from a blood test, imaging exam or pathology report that indicate you may have cancer. The staff at MSK Direct can arrange an appointment with an MSK physician to further evaluate your situation.

Can I get a second opinion at MSK?

Yes. If you have already received a diagnosis or treatment recommendation somewhere else, you may contact MSK Direct to schedule an appointment for a second opinion with an MSK physician.

Do I have to go to MSK for cancer care?

No. The services provided by MSK Direct are available to you as an option should you or a family member need to seek cancer care. The decision on where to go for care is always your decision to make.

Geof Sorkin, the executive director of the UFT Welfare Fund, discusses how the MSK Direct program provides personal service and better access to cancer care for union members.