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Death benefit

The plan provides for a benefit payable on a decremental scale to the beneficiary of the in-service member.

Who is covered?

All eligible in-service members are covered for the Death Benefit.

What are the benefits?

The Death Benefit is paid on a decremental scale to take into account the equity that older members have in the NYC Teachers' Retirement System. The benefits are payable in accordance with the following Schedule of Benefits:

Under 40 $30,000
40-44 $20,000
45-49 $15,000
50-54 $9,000
55-59 $6,000
60-64 $4,000
65-69 $2,500
70 and older $1,600

How are benefits obtained?

The Fund will send a “Death Benefit Notification Form” (DBNF) to a member of the family or the beneficiary(ies) of the deceased upon the Fund Office being notified of the death of the member. Certified copies of the Birth and Death Certificates must be attached.

The Welfare Fund will then send a “Death Benefit Claim Form” (DBCF) to the beneficiary(ies) after verification of the information received on the DBNF. This DBCF must be completed, notarized, and returned to the Fund. Upon completion of claim processing, a check in the appropriate amount will then be sent to the beneficiary (ies).

Death benefit claims must be submitted no later than six (6) years from the date of death.

How do I designate a beneficiary?

The beneficiary is designated on the Enrollment Form of the UFT Welfare Fund. It is very important to keep the designation and addresses of the beneficiary(ies) up to date. Should there be a change in marital status, dependents or should the designated beneficiary(ies) die, a new beneficiary should be promptly designated by the completion of a Change of Status Form provided by the UFT Welfare Fund. Enrollment Forms and Update Your Information Forms may also be obtained from the Fund Office and from Chapter Leaders.

Divorce does not revoke designation of spouse for benefit. A divorce (including a judicial separation--which means a final decree or judgment of separation recognized as valid under the laws of New York State) or annulment of a marriage does NOT revoke the designation of a former spouse as the beneficiary of a member's death benefit. If you no longer wish your former spouse to be your designated beneficiary, you MUST immediately designate a new beneficiary by the completion of a Change of Status Form provided by the UFT Welfare Fund. Enrollment Forms and Change of Status Forms may also be obtained from the Fund Hotline or from Chapter Leaders.

What is the order of claim payment?

The benefit amount will be paid according to the designated beneficiary on file at the Welfare Fund office. If more than one beneficiary is named, the benefit will be shared equally unless otherwise indicated by percentage. Should the last named beneficiary(ies) predecease the member, or should no beneficiary(ies) be named, the death benefit will be paid to the first surviving class of the following classes of successive preference beneficiaries: the deceased member's: (a) widow/widower or domestic partner; (b) surviving child(ren); (c) estate.

Should the member die and then the named beneficiary dies before the death benefit can be paid to him/her by the Fund, the death benefit will be paid to the estate of the deceased beneficiary.

Please note that:

  1. The UFT Welfare Fund does not operate under the supervision of the New York State Insurance Department, and
  2. There are no conversion privileges with the self- insured death benefit offered by the UFT Welfare Fund.

Important Information:

Welfare Fund Forms Hotline: 212-539-0539