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Friday, June 9, will be a remote workday for all DOE employees due to the unhealthy air quality. It will be a remote-instruction day for students scheduled to be in attendance.

Specialty pharmacy

Express Scripts Inc. Accredo Specialty Pharmacy

What is Accredo?

Accredo is ESI’s specialty pharmacy. The list of medications subject to this specialty drug program may change, and you should check the list before you fill a prescription for a specialty medication. Due to the special handling of these medications, a Patient Care Representative will assist you with expedited, scheduled delivery at no additional charge.

What are the quantities allowed and the copayments?

Due to the nature of these specialty medications, Accredo will only dispense a 30-day supply with the following copayments:

  • Tier 1 – $10
  • Tier 2 – $30
  • Tier 3 – $70

Accredo will contact you after the first one of these medications has been filled in order to coordinate future refills on that medication.

How do I know which medications will be handled by Accredo Pharmacy?

All Preferred medications that have an indication of [AC] next to them on the formulary list will be handled by the Accredo Pharmacy.