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Retail pharmacy program

In order for you to obtain prescription drugs at a participating pharmacy, simply present the prescription and your UFT Welfare Fund/ESI Prescription Drug Identification (ID) Card to the pharmacist. You will be required to make an out-of-pocket payment (copayment) toward the cost of the drug. The copayments are listed in the table above.

Please note: You must always pay the copayment or the calculated fee schedule, whichever is less. For example, if the calculated fee schedule price of your preferred brand prescription is $12.57, then you will pay $12.57 instead of $15.00 (the usual copayment).

Refills authorized on the original prescription can be obtained (subject to the quantity and time period limitations described below) by presenting your prescription ID card together with the Rx number to the participating pharmacy that filled the original prescription. However, another copayment will be necessary.

In both cases mentioned above, you must sign, where mandated by law, either a logbook, or an electronic signature log verifying the receipt of medication.

Participating pharmacies have both an agreement with, and a computerized link to ESI.

How can I locate a participating pharmacy?

If you need to locate a participating pharmacy, you may call 800-723-9182 or obtain the information from their website. There are over 60,000 participating pharmacies located throughout the U.S. On the Express Scripts website, after you log in, there is a link to “Find a Pharmacy”. All you have to enter is your zip code. You can also find out if a pharmacy participates by calling 800-723-9182.

What quantities are permitted at a participating pharmacy?

Participating pharmacies are authorized to dispense, when permitted by law, up to a 30-day supply. In addition, if permitted by law, the participating pharmacies are authorized to dispense a maximum of two (2) refills, if indicated on the prescription, within one (1) year regardless of the number of refills indicated by the prescriber.

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