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School Counselors

Rosemarie Thompson

Rosemarie Thompson
School Counselors

Dear Colleagues,

As your chapter leader, I would like to welcome you to the School Counselors Chapter, formerly known as the Guidance Counselors Chapter. This site was designed to keep members informed on events planned for the chapter as well as our accomplishments. By continually updating the resources on our chapter website. I hope to make sure it is useful to you both personally and professionally. You can also find our contract per session rate for counselors on the Your Rights page.

I look forward to collaborating with you and continuing our communication. I am available to answer your questions either by phone at 212-598-7773 or by email at

Rosemarie Thompson
Chapter Leader

What's New

Spring 2021 Functional Chapter Elections

Every three years, UFT functional chapter members have the opportunity to elect their chapter’s leadership. You can nominate yourself or a colleague for chapter leadership positions now.

Read the keynote address from the 2021 School Counselors Conference

At our 2021 School Counselors Conference, Misha Thomas, a trauma expert from Cornell University, spoke about how we can support students through the trauma of the Covid-19 pandemic. You can read her speech online.

$1,000 scholarship for student athletes

Tell graduating seniors about the John P. Tobin Scholarship, a $1,000 college scholarship for student athletes.

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