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Get answers about the UFT vaccine program

The UFT worked with our health care partners to create a vaccine distribution network just for our members. Learn how our program works, member eligibility, what to expect at your appointment and more.

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Union Rights and Benefits

Health Benefits

UFT members are entitled to premium-free health insurance.


UFT members earn pay increases based on experience thanks to the bargaining power of the union.


A defined-benefit pension will provide guaranteed monthly payments from the day you retire for the rest of your life.


Through the strength of collective bargaining, the union has negotiated contracts that protect the rights of its members.



It’s very scary to find yourself suddenly without health insurance due to an administrative error. I’m thankful the union was there for me when my family and I needed them...

Alyson Macaluso
Teacher at PS 255 in Queens

I was able to reduce my student loan debt by $17,500 with help from the UFT. It’s a very nice glimmer in this dark time...

Joana Colon
Bilingual special education teacher at the Samara Community School in the Bronx

Our school is moving in the right direction again. But it never would have happened without the union...

Kathy Lafontant
Chapter leader at It Takes a Village Academy in Brooklyn
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