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Interim SETSS services

In certain circumstances, SETSS services may be provided to students who have been recommended to receive integrated co-teaching services, but have not been placed in a timely manner. Specifically, if a student has been recommended to receive ICT services as a result of an initial evaluation or reevaluation and has not been placed (or offered placement) in an ICT class within 60 school days from the date of consent for initial evaluation or referral for reevaluation, pending placement in an ICT class,

  • the parent may agree to place the student in a general education class with two periods of SETSS a day if the student is currently in a more restrictive environment than ICT;
  • the school will provide the student SETSS for two periods a day if the student’s current placement is in a less restrictive environment than ICT.

Source: Special Education Standard Operating Procedures Manual, Topic: Placement, Arranging SETSS and ICT