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Inside My Classroom

Combining art and science

High school health teacher Massiel Sori combined art and science in a student project on the body's immune system.

A dynamic, inspiring space

Nichole Mills' special education classroom at MS 180 in the Bronx is a dynamic super-space that is simultaneously welcoming and inspiring. 

Showcasing a diverse student population

To showcase the diverse student population at PS 60 in Queens, this ENL teacher created an interactive, multicultural experience where students are able to locate their native country on the world map and share fun facts that represent the uniqueness of each culture.

A genetics lesson

PS/IS 268 science teacher Maria Katsanos uses an engaging lesson to teach about genes and inherited traits.

A 'get to know you' activity

Second-grade teachers Linda Querni and Patricia Greco used Play-Doh as a "get to know you" activity at the start of school. Students used the Play-Doh to answer the prompts and then discussed with their classmates to learn about each other.

Developing phonemic awareness

Hana Nudelman, a universal literacy coach at PS 34 in Manhattan, uses this chart in her literacy centers to help develop phonemic awareness in early learners. Students say the picture word out loud and then use the different colored Post-its to represent each sound in the word.