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Inside My Classroom

Sending 'happy mail'

A 4th-grader teacher in the Bronx sends "happy mail" to let her students know that their hard work and effort is noticed and appreciated.

Put-ups and put-downs

School librarian Cynthia Turnquest Jones teaches young students to recognize “put-ups” (positive language) and “put-downs” (negative language) as part of a restorative circle.

Bobbleheads of U.S. presidents

Michael Frank, a history teacher at the HS of Environmental Studies, has bobbleheads of most of the U.S. presidents in his classroom to make the content come alive.

Books in English and Spanish

ENL/ELA teacher Eva Dejesus divides her library, which has books in both English and Spanish, by genre. "Students start in their native language, because we know that development of the first language supports development of the second," she says.

A calming corner

Evdokia Gasparis, a 1st-grade teacher at PS 70 in Queens created a calming corner in his classroom for when students need a little break. 

Supporting student responsibility and independence

Fara Shahryary, 2nd-grade ICT teacher, and her co-teacher at PS 58 in Carroll Gardens created a chart that makes student transitions between stations smoother and quicker.