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Inside My Classroom

5th-grade literacy teacher,  PS 179, Bronx

Inside my classroom

Bronx teacher Jamala Roper asked her 5th-graders to reveal their emotions “to” their masks. "Every emotion you can think of was shared behind their masks," she says.

 Junelle Demarest class

Inside my classroom

I created a Bitmoji classroom for my 7th- and 8th-grade ELA students where they can access all that they need to be successful for the learning day in one place.

Elizabeth Felix class

Inside my classroom

I joined a Facebook group called Teaching with Neons, where teachers come together and share virtual Bitmoji classrooms or various themes for us to edit and use. Our schoolwide Brain Power program inspired me to bring this brain break room to my virtual classroom.
Ruth Chan,  4th-grade teacher at PS 536, the Bronx

A safe space in her classroom

A 4th-grade teacher in the Bronx created a safe space in her classroom to let her children know that even though the world is different now, school is still a fun place to be.

A student wearing a mask participates in art class

A project to show how feelings change

"During our 'All About Us' unit, we discuss different feelings and how our feelings change throughout the day." — Johanna MacNeal, prekindergarten, PS 398, Jackson Heights, Queens

Inside my classroom

Providing a safe and welcoming literacy-rich environment

Fifth-grade literacy teacher Jamala Roper, of PS 179 in the Bronx, took on the challenge of providing a safe and welcoming literacy-rich environment that is also safe and conducive to the guidelines for blended learning.

Classroom - IS 61 Leonardo Da Vinci, Corona, Queens

A space at home that resembled my physical classroom

I wanted to create a space at home that resembled my physical classroom so that when my students saw me virtually they would feel at home. 

Inside my home classroom

My own mini classroom at home

A Brooklyn kindergarten teacher creates a mini classroom to maintain a sense of normalcy while teaching from home.

Book Shopping Helper

Book shopping helper

I created this 'book shopping helper' this year for my students with special needs.

The inside of a classroom

A flexible seating environment for high school students

"Last year, I decided I wanted to create a classroom space that was as unique as my students, a place where they would feel comfortable and want to come to class (that’s half the battle in high school, after all!). With my students’ wants and needs in mind, I created a flexible seating environment..."