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Forms for professional activities

Most of the forms below are PDF files. If you encounter any problems viewing PDFs on your computer, you may need to install the free Adobe Reader software.

PLEASE NOTE: The “Application For Age 26 Young Adult Coverage” form is no longer required by the UFT Welfare Fund. Members wishing to add a dependent under age 26 to their Welfare Fund coverage at no cost should use the Welfare Fund’s online Update Your Information (Change of Status) form.

Related service providers shall not be used to cover classes of absent teachers or be assigned to other duties in the school which would interfere with their ability to provide mandated related services except cases of emergencies. Even in emergencies, no related service provider is to be assigned to other duties when another appropriate school staff member is available.

Duties of school secretaries and appropriate clerical duties of non-pedagogical personnel.

Procedures for implementation of the provision of the agreement covering teachers regarding the "elimination of administrative duties and provision of professional activity options" for 1998-1999.